Saturday, 19 May 2012

The best chicken soup

Its in the middle of the night and I'm craving for my mum's chicken soup.
Yummy. *gosh*
This crazy crave is certainly caused by me missing my dinner.

Nevertheless, since I'm craving for this stuff, and banishing it from my head is impossible, It won't hurt my tummy to reminiscent about the best chicken soup in my world.
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My mom's chicken soup may not be the same as any of the 5 stars restaurant's meal. But it is certainly is one of the best meal I ever had in my life. 
My mom cooked it with the simplest ingredient ever, and yet, the soup turned out to be wonderful.
We grows with it, but we seldom has the chance to taste it now.
Yummy. It would be wonderful to be able to taste it again. Soon.

Mom. Do come home. And do make that wonderful chicken soup of yours again. :)

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