Friday, 25 July 2014


Hello dear bloggie,
its been awhile since I've been here isn't it. 

You might think that I have forgotten of your existence. But worry not, as that's not the case.

It's all about work now. And work has drained me out of me. 

But, again, worry not. I'll not rant about that now. 

Am sharing a few photos taken during my Singapore trip last May.

Singapore will be the second oversea trip that I had after Indonesia 2 years back. 
It was a short and fun trip with the special one. 

Not much huh.
This will be a reminder that yeah, I've been there. Ok Ciao. 

*Memory saved*

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

No more hatred for Mr Bone.

I'm into my 6th months of working life. I long leave medical dept and currently settling down in orthopaedic dept.
Life in orthopaedic is so much different from medical. One day I was working in a busy ward and the next day I get to experience the awkwardness of being jobless in the ward.

What does it feels to be a second poster?
Nothin special. No feeling of superiority. I felt normal. And I get to start all over again. Orthopaedic is so much different from medicine. Just imagine one day you were dealing with medical stuff (infection, inflammation, nephro, gastro, etc) and the next day you need to deal with bone, bone and bone. Fractures. Every type of fractures.

But good thing about ortho is. It is less hectic than medical. And after some time. You will get used to the same old things that you see everyday, so that you want get shocked with any unexpected, weird case that may come your way as in medical.

So far, I'm loving my life in ortho. I got time to read my novels and got time to spare with my love one. :)

And that's that. A short update from a lazy me. Adios. :)