Monday, 28 May 2012

I want to Like you

Database write failed.

 Been wanting to 'Like' and tried to comment on people's posts, but this message keep appearing and I failed to do both.
I also could not update my facebook status and unable to upload any photos to my account.

Been having this problem since last night, but I thought that it was  just temporary and will go away on the next day. But I was wrong as I'm still facing with the same problem today.
Reported this to facebook help center.
This never happens to me before and so I thought maybe I did something wrong, as in published some offensive materials or someone reported me as being 'annoying' to facebook. And I googled about this matter for a better insight of the problem and it turned out that I'm not alone in this world. ;p
Others is having the same problem too.

Dear facebook, please get well soon. I want to hit the Like button so badly. :)

*Updated!* on 29/5
No more FB problem! It was cured yesterday night. :)


  1. Ok sda km pya FB? Huu.. Mcm mana blh tjadi mcm ni? Huu.. kesian km.. Curfew sa pkai internet smpai jam 10 mlm (lps klinik mak sa tutup) huuu.. Nasib baik smpat bt entry br. hee...

  2. klinik mak kmu ada wireless? hehe.. masih lg dia begitu, x dpt sy jdi liker dkt fb ni :)