Thursday, 27 September 2012

1M student card

 "It takes a long time to grow an old friend"
_ John Lennon

I've been gone for a long time,
so does that make us an old friend? ;p

Le me gotten my 1 M student card last week,
gotten it in the tragic way.
That day was a bad day, but as I faulted and contributed in the bad situation, I dare not say much of it.
and am just too happy that the day has passed and the card is settling happily in my purse. :)

le student card.

You are a student?
You got your card?

le website showing which company are valid for the discount: [Click Here]

"You and I will meet again, when we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, for you and I are going to meet again."
_Tom Petty

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hi! Bye!

Hey hey everyone! How are you? :)

I have not blog for 2 weeks and this page has been covered with lots of cobwebs.Huh! >.< a lot of clean up need to be done! ;p

"End of holiday"
One week of holiday ended and I'm back to Uni and started my second posting/ class for year 5.
Internet connection after the new semester started is a little bit slow. Woo! I can't no longer online as frequent as I used to.

"The study"
Week one of Surgical posting has been great. The lecturers are nice as always and the surgical department's environment itself is great.(*even if it's not, psycho diri sendiri*)
My surgical knowledge was rusted and a lot of revision needed to be done to polish it back. >.<
So, lets see each other once a week. On the weekend to be precise. :)

"The wishes"
Happy Malaysia Day Malaysian! Lets stay united forever! :)
and welcome to new Juniors who enrolled in UMS! :)

The end. See you again. Gee. Ciao.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oldtown Cafe, Shopping..Archery..

What we did last Saturday. *Post exam mode*
Well, as some of you might know, I had been having my end of posting exam last week.
Had written exam and viva on Monday,
OSCE on Tuesday and clinical exam on Sat.
The clinical exam was not supposed be that late, Sat some more, but due to Merdeka Day celebration, it was pushed to Sat. >.<

And to celebrate for our post-exam day,
me, le roomate and le friend went out to OneBorneo on Sat's evening.

*Waitttt.lemme give a brief explanation before I continue with my ramble.*
The clinical exam comprises of two parts. Long case and short case.
We started with the short cases at 9 am and the long cases at around 12.30 pm.
And even though there was some spare time in between the two exams, we were not allowed to go out from the quarantine room. 
Yeah! We were quarantined for the whole day and not even allowed to go out for lunch. :(

So we were pretty starving after the exam end. :(((
At least me was starving la, I don't know about other people. Hehe.

So, the first agenda of the night was dinner!

le me and friends ended up at Old Town after circling the mall. 

le me was playing with the camera while waiting for our foods to come.
Pointless pencil's photo. Layan ja lah. Hehe

Oops. No foodie photo for this post. :)

After satiated our self with yummy noodles, we continue our 'journey' with some game.
Le us went to archery!

le me in action. ;p
le friends in action! hehe

After we confirming our skill in archery was not as good as Robin Hood or "Snow White",
we went to do things that girls do best.

Or I rather say, window shop. Cause I didn't bought anything at the end of the day. Hee

I didn't buy any clothes, but I did try one cute skirt.
Love the design, but it was a little too big for me and I know that the potential of me wearing that skirt after buying it is low.
So, teda beli ni.. >.<
le lovely skirt. Ignore the scattered shoe. Hee.
What I wore that evening. <3
Graphic Tee from F.O.S
Black legging from Brand's outlet
Ballet's flat from Vincci
We 'patrolled' a few more stores before going back for the day. :)

Back at high school, I did archery too.
But the skill was gone.. Uhuu. :)

Reporting activity Gee. Ciao.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bugged by a weirdo

Hi ya all!
How has your Monday been?
Been having the Monday blue thingy?
Good thing for me that I'm having my holiday now, so, I have no problemo with you this week Mr Monday. :)

Today is awesome!
Been having fun with le Weakut and le Nurul at Suria doing you-know-what! Hee..
Google image

And then one minor incident happened which kinda spoil the mood a little.
Le friends has to go 'solat' at the time, and I decided to wait for them at The Times' Bookstore.
I picked a book and settled down at one of the comfy seat available at the corner of the store.
I was sitting facing the bookshelf and to my left was the wall.
And out of a sudden, a man appeared from the back of the bookshelf and stand in front of me.
(Semangat~ even draw the map tempat kejadian..hehe)

It was seriously an awkward position, because the space between me and the bookshelf was not much, and suddenly he was there.
I ignored the guy at first and was thinking to myself whether I should shift place in case I'm blocking this guy punya way to look for his book at the section.

But, the guy suddenly tegur me while holding a small notebook.
For God sake, can you guess what he was doing?
He was asking for my number. Asked me to write my phone number on the notebook.
And Okay, you might think that this is normal and I'm being over reacting by writing this all here.
But, on the page of the notebook that he flicked opened was other girl's numbers and that was weird. 
It's like he was collecting girl's number and the store was his port? 
The reason for asking my number was: "Untuk kawan kawan"
Aigoo. Lame reason. Hee

And so, as expected, due to the weird situation, I rejected him in the good way.
I thought that he was going to leave after that, but he linger at the area and asked for it again. And again I said no. But still, he didn't leave! He sit next to me and asked again. Yerrr.. Scary. 
After that he did leave me alone but come back again after a few minute. With the same sentence.
I was spooked! I even clutched my handbag tightly. Just in case he was a bad guy and was aiming for my handbag. Hee *Paranoid*
But thanks God, he didn't come back to bug me again after the 4th time. 

That is not a normal.
Guy don't do that kinda stuff anymore. And he looks not normal too. >.<

Girls! Be careful wherever you are. Weirdo do go to bookstore too. Huh!

Paranoid Gee. Ciao!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bye exam! :)

Google Image

Exams over! *Happy*
Bye exam, see you in 2 months time. :)