Saturday, 26 May 2012

Being a Sarawakian.

Hello peeps!
Updating my blog after a brief period of inactivity. Hee~

My last post, not counting my latest ramble was about my short trip at Sandakan.
And I'm sorry that I did not keep to my promises and  update on that trip. And lemme just skip that one ei? :p

I'm in Kuching!! ;p
And folks..
I'm not some kind of rich man's daughter going for a holiday trip at this place.
I'm not the kind of lady that spend my man's money to satisfy my travels need.
And Nope.
I'm certainly is not a working lady going for a work trip or on any family trip.

So.. what does that make me? ;p
A student, going for her elective posting at one of the hospital here at Kuching! hee~

Okie! Enough with the not-so-funny-twisting-chattering above. Lemme just tell you my tales. :)
Well. I finished my fourth year 'schooling' at UMS last month. And before we advance to the final year, we are needed to complete one elective posting. One that needed us to find any hospital that was not in collaboration with UMS for our attachment. 
So, we were free to choose any place for that posting. But everything will be under our own expenses, except for the few lucky students  who were picked to be given some sponsorship by the school.
I'm not lucky, so I'm not one of 'em. 

And initially, I thought of going to peninsular, as my mom and elder brother was there and my close friends were also planning to go there. And I certainly could not afford to go to any oversea countries for my elective. But lastly, due to some reasons, I changed my mind and chose to go for Sarawak, with my roomie and other friends. 
So here I am! :)

Picture speaks a thousand words. So let the picture do the talking.

 A view of the grand buildings along the Waterfront. :)

 There was also a 'Centre Point' here at Kuching. But the building was smaller in size and not-so merry like Sabah's CP.

There are a number of mall in Kuching. And this one and the one above was just some of it. :)

For those non-Sarawakian, there was a river at the centre of Kuching. Which made up the Waterfront. 
And when most of the buildings was at the other side of the river (same side as Waterfront), there was also a small part of the town at the opposite side of that river, at which the food courts  and stores that sells Kek Lapis was situated. You can go to and fro of the river by boats and it only costs RM0.50 per ride. You can see the boat at the second picture above. Quite an experience bah mau naik boat-taxi.. :)

Okie! And theseee will be the foods attacked by us on our first day stay at Kuching. 
Venue: Waterfront Food court
Laksa Sarawak

Teh Dangdut.

Kuey Teow Goreng.

Mee Kolok ayam.

Mee goreng.

Nasi Ayam Berempah

Venue: All Joy Restaurant at Wisma Saberkas. (Dinner)
My air sirap.

Mee Jawa.

Mee Kolok Tom Yam?


  1. whoaaa the foods are so tempting!!!
    all the best in your new place ^^

  2. Mengoda kan, come and try the famous mee kolok here in near future.. ;p and thanks. :)

  3. Hee.. sna pn ada CP???... Huu.. Wahh.. jealousnya sa tgk i2 semua mknn. Sa mkn mskn sa msk ja. Sob2. ^^, Hee..

  4. Teh dangdut. Mcm teh-c kh? ^^.

  5. CP yg kecik ja, bbrapa kedai ja dlm kot.. huhu
    mcm Teh tarik, tp xtau pla rsa dia mcm mna, mnuman rodtney tuu.. hee