Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dark Mall

We been experiencing black out since yesterday.
And people was saying that it happened throughout Sabah. But, I'm not sure how true is that.
As for yesterday, it happened at around 3am and lasted till around 10am. 
It didn't effect me much yesterday, as I am a heavy sleeper and by the time that I woke up, the electricity was back. :p
Then for today, it happened again, I woke up to discover that the fan was not swirling and of course the electric was not there. ~.~
And this afternoon, feeling quite bored at the heaty room, I went to 1 Borneo mall for lunch and planned to buy some stuffs at Giant supermarket. But turned out that even the big mall was experiencing the black out thingy.
The corridors was dark. Candles was being lighten up in some of the stores. 
And my lovely Giant store was closed. Wuu~

Interesting experience! Its my first time going to a 'dark' mall. ;p

Hopefully the problem was fix and there will be no more black out for the day to come. :)

Gee <3


  1. Heard about the blackout this morning, but why our biggest mall in Sabah have no backup generator for emergency light?


  2. Hi rungitom! there was some emergency lights on but only the central area has it. And there was none inside the stores lah of course.. ~.~

  3. hii gee.how are you?yups, yesterday all the KK city had blackout..

    anyway, already followed u.follow me ya..=)

    1. I'm fine dear, and thanks eyanz! <3

  4. nice writing! Proud of Sabahan's blogger.

    1. Thanks Adie! I followed your blogs too! :) Supporting our fellow sabahan blogger. :p