Saturday, 23 February 2013

Baking project part II

I had another round of baking project after my first attempt failed last holiday. 

But the result was still non-satisfactory.. *Sad*

The oven that I used was an old one and there was an error with the temperature setting, so that the cakes does not rise properly. 

To prevent history from repeating itself, it's decided that my next baking project will be on the day when I bought a new oven. *God know when* 

Don't be fooled by the cupcakes appearance, I covered the disproportionate cake's surface with loads of creams. ;o

I was gonna say that the cakes were edible and the taste was not bad, but it feels inappropriate to praise myself here. Lol.

Just sharing. ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013


On each holiday, I'll have a long list of things to do for the one week period, but as usual I failed to do any of it. It's kinda demotivating to say fail tho, I better put it as 'yet to accomplish' any of the plans.  @.@

1. Trip for Telupid
Planned to go to Telupid this holiday and I even made mountain high of promises to my sister regarding this visit. But at the last minute, I had a change of thought and cancelled the plan. Reason being, I had a lot of things in mind and  I have random plans at KK and I won't be able to accomplish any of it if I'm away at Telupid. Sorry Sis.. :(

Google Image

2. Redo my hair
Frizzy hair, messy hair, unkempt hair. 
Urgh. Yeap. That's how my hair is like now. 
At time, I feel like chopping off all this messy hair, but then, I'll be too 'unique' for the society don't you think. Hehe.
So, I planned to straighten my hair again.
Oh manageable hair, I miss you so much. Hopefully I'll be seeing you tomorrow. *Yeay*

Two unread novels left. *Can't wait for the book vouchers*

3. Make more book reviews
I started the 'book reviews' segment 2 months ago, but being busy with study and all, I didn't manage to update any new "bookish" entry. But, despite being busy with study, I manage to read a few books during my "lazy time". Hopefully, I can write the review for the books that I had read during this holiday. :)

4. The long-postponed plan
I feel like it is a jinx to keep mentioning the thing but never do it. So, I won't be mentioning what the plan is before even starting on it. Hopefully I can cancel out this wishlist off my bucket lists too. *Finger cross*

And random photos.
Home-cooked lunch. <3

Me and le bro at Karamunsing yesterday. :)

Just sharing. :)

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y Lovey

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y = Frequent blog update *Hopefully*. More book reviews. And more sleep without guilt. ^^v
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy CNY and the extra spices of my blood.

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm not a pure Chinese, but I'm celebrating the Chinese's culture of celebrating this special day. :)

People have been asking me whether I'm a Chinese and the answer for that question is somewhat complicated. I used to love the fact that I came from a complicated and confusing family tree that I take the pleasure of explaining it to my friends, but as time goes by, I grew tired of the long and twisting family genealogy and will simply answer them with either yes or no.

"Yes, I am a Sino Kadazan (Kadazan mix with Chinese)"
"Nope, I'm a Kadazan/Dusun"

Well, if I'm to say that I'm a mixed blood, I will say that I am a Kadazan+Dusun+Indian+Chinese.

I'm in the mood of explaining it right now, so, here it goes. :)

My paternal grandfather is a pure Indian from India, he married to my grandmother, who was a local Sabahan (Kadazan). Then, due to unknown reason (I was never told why), my father was adopted by my grandmother's elder sister, who married to a pure Chinese guy from Hong Kong.
My father, a Dusun+Indian+Chinese's culture then married to my Mum (Dusun).

In short, I'm a Kadazan Dusun. But sometimes, I like to add extra spices to my blood. So, at times, I'll admit that I'm an Indian or Chinese. Lol. 
But, it's not a crime to feel special over trivial things right. :)

So, my family have been practicing the Chinese's culture of having reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve and used to celebrate the light festival when my Indian grandpa was alive too.

But, when we see each other next time and you ask me what race am I, I'll just answer you with Kadazan. :)

Back to the main reason why I post this..

Happy Chinese New Year again folks! :)

The reason why I love CNY so much. Hehe.

And Oh, a random shot of the curtain. Purposeless much hoh. @.@

Have a great day folks! Thanks for reading.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Ex animal Lover.

I am inspired by Natasha's latest blog post  and as I has pretty much the same story as her, I'm inspired to write something about my 'tails' too.

I used to be an animal lover, but I stopped being one after the last dog that I care much died under my care.
My first memory of being 'close' to an animal was when I was in kindergarten. We used to live just next to my Uncle's house and at that time, they owned an orange furry friend. 

At a young age, I was often left alone at home as my parents were both working and my brothers and sister were schooling in primary school. So, as you can guess, I only have le furry friend as my companion at that time. 

I still remember sitting next to him and talks childish talk to him like he was my imaginary friend, and our chit-chat session will stop when my siblings come back from school. And after that, my uncle adopted a few puppy into the family and I had new friends to play with. And I still remember, we, being the ET siblings will each take one puppy under our care, distributing the number of dogs equally among us. My elder sister always pick the cutest puppy as her own and I always left with the most plain looking puppy as my own. 

But despite the fact that I got the most 'plain' looking puppy of all, it's the one that people loves to play with. Why? Because he received much attention and loves from me everyday that he was trained to be friendly, playful and lovable. Hehe. But le doggy does not live long and died at the young age due to unknown medical illness (Med talk @.@). That's basically how I come to love animals and more doggy came to our life after that, but all of them only stays for a short while. @.@ 

Then and again, we moved after that and continues having doggy as our house watch at the new home. And there comes a day when another uncle of mine offered a cute, fluffy white puppy to us, and we happily accepted the puppy into our family. And it was the most lovable puppy that I ever had. Maybe because the trait was somewhat more special than the previous puppies, I love him more than the others. @.@
Google's image
I named him Popo. He was the cutest being that I ever had in my life. Maybe because I was more mature than I was previously, I gave him extra attention than I ever had on my previous pets. I will make sure that he had regular meals everyday and washed him once a week using our hair shampoo.  ~.~  I still remember the after-shower smells and the obvious change in his hair's color after washing (Brownish --> white), and the huge satisfaction of seeing a white doggy after the shower.

I don't know whether other dogs do this, but Popo knows how to play 'Hide-and-seek"! I will start the game by chasing after him, and hide when he was busy running, and being the cute dog he was, he will wander around the house looking for me and upon finding me, he will run away and stays at one place quietly, waiting for my turn to look for him. *Sigh, those were the good times

Then, time flies, I become busy with my school works, and spend less times at home. I spared less attention to his meal, less attention to his well being and what happened to him after that was regrettable.

No other dog can replace Popo's place in my heart, and after losing him due to my own ignorance, I stopped having dog as a pet.

Google's image
And now, being away in the hostel for so long, I lost the bit of myself that cares and loves for animal. I forgotten the warm feeling of having a pet. A lovable pet. And I missed the old times, when life was as carefree and as simple as running around the house with a lovable dog without carrying the future burden on my shoulder.

-Sorry for any incorrect grammar or whatever, I am not a perfect writer so just ignore if there is any typo or grammar mistakes, peace ^^v -