Wednesday, 31 October 2012

November Rain

Wink wink!
Hello November people! :)
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Mr October has packed his bag and leave us all.. and he will come again next year for his yearly visit.
So, we lefted with two more months before Christmas Day and New year..
Time sure is moving fast and in a blink it's gonna be new year again. :)
For this time being, I want to forget about the future and look back at the past for a bit..

Last October would be nice except for the surgery posting exam.
 I screwed my papers and probably would need to repeat the papers on next posting. *Sigh*
What to do. Things happened and all I can say is let bygone be bygone and brace up for the worst case scenario. >.<

And after exam, we have a week of holiday.. and....
Initially, I've listed down a number of things to do on this holiday...
Well.. all the while I were studying for last paper's exam, I will get random ideas of what to do on the coming holiday..
But, as per usual, not all things goes as planned.. and yeah.. memang banyak janji janji palsu toward own self.. *Facpalm*

Lemme just list down some of things that I planned to do this holiday.
1. Register for a driving class
2. Bake a cake
3. Finished my novels
4. Study for coming medicine posting

And out of the four: I have yet to accomplish one. *Facepalm* again.
I failed in registering myself in a driving class as I have no one to send me to the academy, as the only brother that I can depend on is busy with his work. *sigh*
I kinda pushed myself for this for the past few weeks because I will start working next year and knowing the busy life of my chosen career, it will be hard for me to not own my own transport. But, memandangkan tidak berjaya, what to do lah.. I will try again next holiday. Hehehe

Bake a cake.
google image
I had been postponing this plan ever since last Last holiday.
I was planning to bake cupcakes at first but after seeing Sis Stella baked a cheesecake, I was motivated to make one too. Then, just before holiday, she made a chocolate fondant, and it was tempting too.
So, I was juggling the 3 choices in my head and at last minute I decided to make the choc fondant!
I prepared all the things needed to make the awesome cake and will start on the Choco fondant project tomorrow. Yeah! So, this is confirmed to be accomplish punya mission. Hehe

Novels oh novels..
Well, I left 4 of my novels at home to prevent me from reading it over the medical books last holiday.
Now that I have the time to do so, I hope that I can finish at least one of it.
I'm half way through 'Beautiful Chaos'. 4 more days before class start, I can do this!
Yeay! :)

Study for coming medicine posting??
Uh oh.
Yeap. Haven't do so yet. hee..

4 more days of holiday.
Good luck mi self in accomplishing the missions!

Signing out..~ ET

Monday, 29 October 2012

"Titanium" - David Guetta ft. Sia (ft. Sam Tsui)

The love of my life.
Sam Tsui. :)

Some of you may have heard of him before. Some of you might be one of his fan too.
Well, as far as I'm concern, those who heard of him either straightaway falls for him or hate him for his talent.
And, I'm sure he has more 'lover' than hater.

I first discovered him on 2009 (Lol, as if I'm the producer.;p)
I was a gleek back then, and while  browsing for gleek-ish videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon this fabulous singer.
And I was mesmerized by his voice and unique music video (The clones if you know what I mean).
He did a lot of cover for tons of good music. Such as 'Just a dream', 'need you now', etc.
He and his producer, Kurt Schneider produces a lots of awesome cover and I love both of em. I feels that Sam is incomplete without Kurt. Sam with his powerful voice and Kurt with his awesome music and videos. :)
And I've been following his updates ever since.
I personally lovess his version of 'Jar of heart'

And here is one of the latest video by Sam Tsui and Kurt..

Do listen to him and you'll be mesmerized too. :)

Loving Sam! ET..

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Foodie Affairs: Korean BBQ Supul. Citymall


Imma share my second Korean eating experience.
Less words more photos. 
And yes, sorry for the blurry photo. Ms Cam was left behind when this monster left for dinner that day.

Korean BBQ Supul
Location: City Mall
Category: Korean, Non-halal

The endless free-flow of side dishes


Seaweed Soup

And the YOYO treat afterward. Yeay!

Delightful Korean eating experience indeed.
And blissful Yoyo treat afterward.

Not good in describing food Gee. Ciao. ;p

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chasing pavement.

Its been raining cats and dogs for the past few weeks..
and the wet pavements has caused great misery to le shoes and sandals.

Last Wednesday was a nice day with the extra bright sun on the sky without even a hint of dark cloud seen.
and le me had done a great deed to le shoes.
 The lucky sandals and shoe.

They may not be expensive. But the comfort of wearing them make the cleaning worth its effort. :)

Just a simple post_ET.. Ciao. :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hey ya all..
I'm back from the war and although thousands of arrow and catapult were thrown on me.. I survived. :)

I admit that I didn't spend much time on the books as I had on previous postings
And I didn't practice much either.
But, the exam questions were seriously hard. T.T
And I'm sure that even if I stick my head on the book for 24/7, I will not be able to handle it. >.<

But despite the negativity, I'll be having one week of holiday! 
So.. it's time fore de-stress and relax. 
more posts to come this holiday. :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Approaching exam

Holla peeps.

I had been negative on my last post. Pleaseee... Blame it on the exam. Student's life is not complete without it right? ;)

Annnddddd... Finally! I have my weekend off this week. Yeay.
I had been having a long weeks last week and this week. Last week continuously till this week. Errr.. Does it sound right? What I meant is, we had been having classes on every Saturday for the past few weeks, and even on Sunday last week. So, we had class 7 days a week last week. And it's such a relief that we have no class this weekend.

google image
Then, next week will be the last week for my Surgery posting at SMC and the exam will follows a week after that.
WTH right? Such a busy life with not enough time to study and yet, need to sit for exam. Exam, I seriously dislike you. But its ok, 4 more exams and I'll be free.. Whee~
google image
I need to study mountain high of notes this week lah then. Stress! But no facing the books tonight. Today in history for having 3 bedside teaching in a day, and le me is so tired that le me chose to relax tonight and start working hard tomorrow.

Wish me luck for my exam peeps. :)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unevitable failure

What an adverse event.
We never expect it to happen and we are confused why you are blaming it on us.

Well, how should I start it..

Me and a few friends were unlucky enough to be chosen as the debater for today's debate.
Had been told about this last week, but being the typical student, we prepared things at the later hour. Last minute preparation...
And, just to make thing clear, I just want to let you know that, I am not a debater. I am not good at speaking in the public. What more in arguing and debating. I know that they are aware of this fact too, as they seen me before, and I was never good in presenting anything in the public.

Continue with the series of unfortunate event of mine..

So we had a debate today, and the lecturer in charge of this debate is a new foreign enthusiastic lecturer from Egypt. He is known for being over enthusiastic with his teaching and well.. being the new lecturer, we do not know much about him lah then kan.

And our debate turned out to be uninteresting to him. And he was not satisfy with it that he request for another debate session of the same topic. Expect us to give him more evidence than the earlier one. And lucky enough for me, he don't want the same person to do the debate. And so, my friends became the victim and has to re-debate this evening. Everyone was clearly not so happy with the decision. But, the lecturer are persistent and the thing has to go on.

And after class. This friend of mine post about his unsatisfactory on FB. *And it is hurtful*

Dear friend, 

We never expect this kind of thing to happen. We never know that he  expect a lot from us. I'm sorry for performing badly on this morning debate. I'm sorry for being a failure. We never intent for this kind of thing to happen to all of you.

Sorry for being a failure. Gee.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Me versus my cold heart

Us versus the world.
Us versus the unpredictable future.
Google image
When I was a child, I kept dreaming of the day that I will leave home and stand on my own two feet.
I envy the so called grown up for able to hang out with their friends after school hour,
make their own decision in shopping and also able to spend money on things that they love. 
Those kind of things seems cool at that time. 
So, I vow to be like them too, in the future.

But, seeing how the grown up make life seem so easy makes me feel inadequate.
Cause I do not have the confidence, that I can lead my life same as them.
And as I grow up, life proven to be harsh for me.
and I seriously lose the confidence to be a person. A living person.
Being surrounded by 'good' friend supposed to be good too.
But, their personality was too good for me and I don't know why I kept comparing myself to others and feeling that they was awesome than me scared me. I'm scared that I won't live up to their standard and I started to keep distance from people. Having a weird feeling that I have no right to be one of their friend.
Google image
Few angels come to my life though, and together we grows to be the grown up that I used to envy when I was small.
But those angles, even though they are special enough in my heart, I never kept them to myself.
I let them loose and let them find another angels of their own.
"If you hold on to something too tight, you will suffocate it"
And that's why friends, I never hold on to any of you, cause I don't want to suffocate you with my presence.
And for not holding on to you, 
you turned to another person for a more warmth friendship that mine.
My heart was not made of steel. 
I dislike the weird feeling that I felt after losing any of my friend.

Having those angels leave me after secondary school was not easy too. Out from my comfort zone, I created a wall around me. Wall of insecurity. The wall that I kept on making me a socially awkward person.
And thats why too friends,
I never get attached with any of you.
The wall is still there, and..
I built a gate to my heart, but lose the key in the process of growing up.

Part I of Gee's heart. :)