Friday, 21 October 2016

Jelly Belly.


I am getting pudgy.
I don't think I ever been this plump before in my life.
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Thinking back, my weight had been consistent for two years. I never trouble myself to go shopping, as my old clothes always fit me fine and I'm not the shopaholic kind. But, for the past few days, I feels that I might need to get hold on new gears, and upgrade my attires to bigger size.

Gosh! I am getting F.A.T.
During HOship, I was like someone with hyperthyroidism. I ate a lot, but I never gained weight. It must had been attributed by the stress and hardships at that time. But, now that, that phase of life was over, and I'm enjoying life more with proper lunch time in between work. The fat cells decided to build a camp on me and my jelly belly began to shows.

I need to get active!
I need to burn some fat!

But, I'm still considering what's the next step that I should take.
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