Monday, 21 May 2012

Paeds one.

Today is a miracle.
I successfully woke up this morning. I was so excited for my new posting that I wake up in time and get out of bed before Mr laziness got hold of me. And its also because I don't want to face another unbearable boredom in my room. :)

So what happened today? Despite the fact that there are 5 of us in the same department, I went to the ward alone today. I walked with my two other friends to the hospital, but they chose different department for their second rotation, so I'm alone in my rotation. Upon reaching the ward, I met with the sister in charged of that ward and also reported myself to the specialist and MOs there. I'm supposed to report duty to the head of paeds department too, but she was not in her office, so, I just skipped her. Hee.

So, I followed the specialist ward round, but haven't start clerking case yet today. I just browsed through the case notes, and finding out the common pediatric case in this place. As I attached myself to the infectious ward just now, most of the cases seen are the usual bronchopneumonia, febrile fits and also bronchiolitis. However, there are also a few interesting case that is rare to be seen in Sabah, like Hand, foot and mouth disease and also Kawasaki's disease. I am determined to read on that diseases and start clerking that particular HFMD case tomorrow. Good luck mi self.

After I finished my 'business' in the Paeds ward, I went to the Obstetric ward to look for my friends. And they were still clerking cases when I went there, and they suggested me to go and clerk a case too, so I tried to brush up my skills and taking Obs history. I randomly chose a woman, whom delivered her baby. I asked her permission for taking her history, and she reluctantly agrees. The history taking for obs case was different from medical cases, and I haven't clerk a single Obs history since last year. So, my skill was quite rusty and maybe that caused uneasiness to the mother and she tried to escape from me. Lol.

What happened was, half way through the history taking, she needed to take her medications and afterward, she kept avoiding my eye contacts and 'purposely' wake her baby up so that she will busied herself and avoiding me. Aigoo. Me knowing her intention straightaway gave up and thanks her for the little time spent on pestering her. Tidak cooperative betul. She didn't say it out, but her body language suggested her intention. :P

We also went to the blood bank today for blood donation. Miraculously, my Hb was good today (13.3) and I passed the first check-up. But, sadly I failed the second round. My blood pressure was low. Not meeting with the donating's criteria. *sob

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