Thursday, 17 May 2012

Student life is the most precious time in our life?
And we must appreciate every moment spent in this stage of life?
Is it? 
So we must appreciate it by enjoying our student's life to the max?
But, this stage of life is also the determining moment of our future.
So, the enjoyment and focus should be balance. Too much enjoyment without giving any effort on the academic will cause you to stumble down to the unwanted path of your life.

But, there is a wide definition for enjoyment. 
It can be included in the study and also in leisure.

And, why is it I'm thinking of this kind of thingy only now, at the final stage of my life.
Blah blah blah. There goes my pointless ramble. ;p


  1. let's appreciate our student life. some people out there are dying to be like us. enjoyment is a must, but knowledge is power :)

  2. Yea~ I'm working now and I do miss student life, we can never have the second chance after we got a job.

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