Sunday, 20 May 2012

Swak Update

Time wasted doing nothing.
Money wasted doing zero.

The trip supposed to be a good one, but somehow or other, I've been up to no good since I reached this place.

I'm on my elective trip here in Kuching. And according to the plan, we would spend 5 weeks here for our attachment at different department of the hospital. But, 2 weeks had passed and yet things has not went smoothly according to the initial plan.

For the first week, the first two days were wasted on the administration stuffs, as in waiting for the admin to prepare our name tags and our attachment letters. We can only start our attachment at the respective department when we received our attachment letters. 

On Wednesday, we went into the ward for the first time and met with our super nice supervisor. 
We followed the Doctor's ward round and I even managed to clerk a medical case that day. 
As for the ward round, we followed the round diligently, but, they do the round a lil bit different from my place. The HOs do not present the summary of the cases to their superior here, so, we were quite blur when they were discussing the cases. 
On Thursday, we skipped our 'duty' at the ward and went to visits the museums instead. I never thought that I can enjoy myself in that 'antique' place. I envisioned that place to be the same as Sabah's museum, which was quite dull for me. And yet, the museums turned out to be very interesting, especially the one which displays about the ancient animals, etc. And on that night, we also went for a lecture at a prestigious hotel and had had a wonderful buffet dinner. yummy. And not forget to mention that we also went for karaoke that night. :p
And the rest of the weeks was spent on sightseeing and travelling to the famous places of Sarawak.

At the end of the first week, I am sure that time was running through the clock. However, for now, I feels that the clock is ticking in a very slow pace. *aigoo*

The second week was boring~ We were such a lazy ass. Sleep through the day while others was having the times of their life. 
I'm hoping for the best for this week. *finger crossed*

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