Wednesday, 31 October 2012

November Rain

Wink wink!
Hello November people! :)
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Mr October has packed his bag and leave us all.. and he will come again next year for his yearly visit.
So, we lefted with two more months before Christmas Day and New year..
Time sure is moving fast and in a blink it's gonna be new year again. :)
For this time being, I want to forget about the future and look back at the past for a bit..

Last October would be nice except for the surgery posting exam.
 I screwed my papers and probably would need to repeat the papers on next posting. *Sigh*
What to do. Things happened and all I can say is let bygone be bygone and brace up for the worst case scenario. >.<

And after exam, we have a week of holiday.. and....
Initially, I've listed down a number of things to do on this holiday...
Well.. all the while I were studying for last paper's exam, I will get random ideas of what to do on the coming holiday..
But, as per usual, not all things goes as planned.. and yeah.. memang banyak janji janji palsu toward own self.. *Facpalm*

Lemme just list down some of things that I planned to do this holiday.
1. Register for a driving class
2. Bake a cake
3. Finished my novels
4. Study for coming medicine posting

And out of the four: I have yet to accomplish one. *Facepalm* again.
I failed in registering myself in a driving class as I have no one to send me to the academy, as the only brother that I can depend on is busy with his work. *sigh*
I kinda pushed myself for this for the past few weeks because I will start working next year and knowing the busy life of my chosen career, it will be hard for me to not own my own transport. But, memandangkan tidak berjaya, what to do lah.. I will try again next holiday. Hehehe

Bake a cake.
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I had been postponing this plan ever since last Last holiday.
I was planning to bake cupcakes at first but after seeing Sis Stella baked a cheesecake, I was motivated to make one too. Then, just before holiday, she made a chocolate fondant, and it was tempting too.
So, I was juggling the 3 choices in my head and at last minute I decided to make the choc fondant!
I prepared all the things needed to make the awesome cake and will start on the Choco fondant project tomorrow. Yeah! So, this is confirmed to be accomplish punya mission. Hehe

Novels oh novels..
Well, I left 4 of my novels at home to prevent me from reading it over the medical books last holiday.
Now that I have the time to do so, I hope that I can finish at least one of it.
I'm half way through 'Beautiful Chaos'. 4 more days before class start, I can do this!
Yeay! :)

Study for coming medicine posting??
Uh oh.
Yeap. Haven't do so yet. hee..

4 more days of holiday.
Good luck mi self in accomplishing the missions!

Signing out..~ ET


  1. I got 4 papers to repeat. I got C for eech paper and well, I hate C so I want to re-sit the exam again.

    So, don't give up but keep up! Cheers sista. Jom pigi kupi-kupi. ;)

    1. Thanks sis wyne!~ I'm okie suda but am ready for the worst case scenario saja.. hehe..

  2. Replies
    1. project choc fondant accomplished! hehe

  3. never give up okay ;)
    have a great month ahead!! ^^

    1. Thanks aemy! Have a great month too! :)