Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unevitable failure

What an adverse event.
We never expect it to happen and we are confused why you are blaming it on us.

Well, how should I start it..

Me and a few friends were unlucky enough to be chosen as the debater for today's debate.
Had been told about this last week, but being the typical student, we prepared things at the later hour. Last minute preparation...
And, just to make thing clear, I just want to let you know that, I am not a debater. I am not good at speaking in the public. What more in arguing and debating. I know that they are aware of this fact too, as they seen me before, and I was never good in presenting anything in the public.

Continue with the series of unfortunate event of mine..

So we had a debate today, and the lecturer in charge of this debate is a new foreign enthusiastic lecturer from Egypt. He is known for being over enthusiastic with his teaching and well.. being the new lecturer, we do not know much about him lah then kan.

And our debate turned out to be uninteresting to him. And he was not satisfy with it that he request for another debate session of the same topic. Expect us to give him more evidence than the earlier one. And lucky enough for me, he don't want the same person to do the debate. And so, my friends became the victim and has to re-debate this evening. Everyone was clearly not so happy with the decision. But, the lecturer are persistent and the thing has to go on.

And after class. This friend of mine post about his unsatisfactory on FB. *And it is hurtful*

Dear friend, 

We never expect this kind of thing to happen. We never know that he  expect a lot from us. I'm sorry for performing badly on this morning debate. I'm sorry for being a failure. We never intent for this kind of thing to happen to all of you.

Sorry for being a failure. Gee.

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  1. huhuhu kesian korang..jgn lah bersedey..
    cheer up ;) its ady over kan, so no need to think bout it anymore la..
    rite now juz fokus on coming exam k..
    good luck <3<3<3