Friday, 9 November 2012

Le mice invasion

This tale started about a month ago..
Being the sensitive one in the room, I always hears weird noises at night. 
It was not a scary as-in-there-was-a-ghost-in-the-room kind of sound, but more of the non-scary sound like plastic being moved around, and something dropped on a plastic's surface or the floor.
And at first, I didn't suspect anything abnormal and thought that the sound came from my roommate (moves around when sleeping and terlanggar the plastic??). Hee 

But, there was a time when I heard the sound again at night, and found that my roommate was sleeping soundly. So the sound was certainly not coming from her lah kan, and I was spooked! I straightaway get up and turn on the light for the night. And as expected, the sound stopped after the light was on.

I am a strong believer of our friends from the other side. But I am pretty sure that none of them was living with us or bad enough to cause disturbance in the room. So, in that case, I was suspecting Ms Mice for all the weird happening.
google image
Starting from that night onward, I was not sure whether I was being overly sensitive, alerted or just hearing voices in my head, I started to hear squeaky sound in the room. So, it added to my suspicion of the presence of Ms Mice in the room. But still, I haven't witness her running around in the room.

And there come a day when I was studying and the culprit suddenly appeared from the back of my bookshelf, which was just next to my desk.
And so, the culprit was confirmed to be Ms Mice. ~.~
I didn't catch her but let her get away instead. Well, even if I want to, its impossible juga lah kan, so what I can do was chase it away. ~.~
And there was a night when I was partially asleep and feels some movement on the bed. And as you can guess Ms mice has the gut to use my bed as one of her playground. Cis.. As awful as it sound, I can do nothing and just bear with it. >.<
google image
And.. The happening stopped after a period of time.
le Mice has stopped messing around in the room.

And then it was holiday. Le me and roommate went back for the one week holiday.
And when both of us come back to the room, there was lots of invasion's evidences.
The biscuits was eaten, the drawers was full of mice's feces and there was bad smell of it's urine somewhere..
Tak guna punya tikus..
google image
And I seen the intruder for this time too. It was not the same mice as last time, but a much smaller mouse. Small but cause more trouble than the bigger one. >.<

google image
And now, they are still in the room and le me has no idea how to chase them away. T.T

Mind to give me pest-control punya tips? Hehe.. Gee.


  1. omo!! nmpaknya ms mice tu dah start bermaharajalela..
    aigoo try halau dorang kluar bilik then pintu tu sendal dgn kotak spya dorang xbleh masuk lgi ^^

    1. sekarang lagi dia menganas ma kim kim.. sedih.. huu