Monday, 29 October 2012

"Titanium" - David Guetta ft. Sia (ft. Sam Tsui)

The love of my life.
Sam Tsui. :)

Some of you may have heard of him before. Some of you might be one of his fan too.
Well, as far as I'm concern, those who heard of him either straightaway falls for him or hate him for his talent.
And, I'm sure he has more 'lover' than hater.

I first discovered him on 2009 (Lol, as if I'm the producer.;p)
I was a gleek back then, and while  browsing for gleek-ish videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon this fabulous singer.
And I was mesmerized by his voice and unique music video (The clones if you know what I mean).
He did a lot of cover for tons of good music. Such as 'Just a dream', 'need you now', etc.
He and his producer, Kurt Schneider produces a lots of awesome cover and I love both of em. I feels that Sam is incomplete without Kurt. Sam with his powerful voice and Kurt with his awesome music and videos. :)
And I've been following his updates ever since.
I personally lovess his version of 'Jar of heart'

And here is one of the latest video by Sam Tsui and Kurt..

Do listen to him and you'll be mesmerized too. :)

Loving Sam! ET..


  1. His song is nice but I'm not really a fan to him. Anyway, like I say, his song is good. :)

    1. Hehe.. Well I like his powerful voice and his face expression and 'feel' when singing.. nampak sangat enjoy ni.. :)

  2. nice blog bro..
    follow me back..thanks..

    1. Hello broo.. I'm a sistaa.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by.. done following.. :)