Friday, 12 October 2012

Approaching exam

Holla peeps.

I had been negative on my last post. Pleaseee... Blame it on the exam. Student's life is not complete without it right? ;)

Annnddddd... Finally! I have my weekend off this week. Yeay.
I had been having a long weeks last week and this week. Last week continuously till this week. Errr.. Does it sound right? What I meant is, we had been having classes on every Saturday for the past few weeks, and even on Sunday last week. So, we had class 7 days a week last week. And it's such a relief that we have no class this weekend.

google image
Then, next week will be the last week for my Surgery posting at SMC and the exam will follows a week after that.
WTH right? Such a busy life with not enough time to study and yet, need to sit for exam. Exam, I seriously dislike you. But its ok, 4 more exams and I'll be free.. Whee~
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I need to study mountain high of notes this week lah then. Stress! But no facing the books tonight. Today in history for having 3 bedside teaching in a day, and le me is so tired that le me chose to relax tonight and start working hard tomorrow.

Wish me luck for my exam peeps. :)


  1. wow 3 bst in a day? cemerlang giler hehe..
    anyway ganbatte ne for this coming exam..
    best of luck :)
    p/s: hee no need to sorry la for last time,not ur fault oso..somemore me & fira ok ady wat ;)

    1. Hee.. thanks! good luck to you tooo~

      still..rasa bersalah ma.. :)

  2. all the best doctor :) i know u can do it.

  3. Hee... Miss Gee.. Gambatteh-neh. =)

  4. Good luck girl! :) You can do it. Have faith :)