Saturday, 28 July 2012

Chubbier and chubbier

"Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will."

Did you notice the new change I made to my bloggie?

I made a new header!! :)
I downloaded the header template from ShabbyBlog site and designed the template with an online app called PhotoFlexer
Simple and not much an eyesore than my previous header. :p
So how was it? :)

And not forget to mention that I went to an event this morning too.
It was a Hepatitis's health exhibition plus free hepatitis C screening being held at Suria Shopping complex, KK.
Interesting posters about Hepatitis C was being exhibited and liver's specimens were available for viewing too.
Am not gonna ramble much on the academic stuff though, as this is my world of escapee, and I will not mention much academic stuff here. ;p

And tadaa!
I've done a free screening test for Hep C.
I'm getting chubbier! :((

I'm not categorized as the 'at risk' group, but I insisted the staffs to let me do the screening and I succeed.
*Who's know what evil could be swimming around in my blood* ;p
The screening's result was not immediately available as it needed to be process in the lab by the expert.
The result will be send to those who participated by mail on God-know-when and someone with 'positive' result will get a call on God-know-when too. :)

That's all for Gee's ramble today. Ciao folks. :)
*Sorry for the imperfect grammar*

"Good health and good senses are two of life's greatest blessings."
~Publiblius Syrus