Sunday, 8 July 2012

Final year

Fifth year student. Final year student. One more year and I'll become a doctor.

I finished my elective posting at Sarawak and back to Sabah for my final year.

The feeling of being a final year student was indescribable. I'm left with one more year to equip myself with sufficient knowledge to be a good doctor. And it feels insufficient to me. And yeah, I should be happy that I'll be graduating soon, and can earn money on my own but in the same time, my head is flooded with doubt and fear, on whether I can do it or not. I may pass the final year exam, but I'm not ready for my future career. Cause theory and practical is two very different thing and I'm lacking on the latter. :(

Anything pun, I can't turn back time. And I certainly could and should not run or avoid from the things that make me uncomfortable. So I just need to brace up and be ready to face the challenges that may come my way. Good luck to myself! :)

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