Sunday, 1 July 2012

I'm Not Creative.

Holla folks!
Quid agis? ;p
That would be "How are you" in Latin~ ;p

Well, I posted something about me doing my elective posting at Sarawak over a month ago, and tadaa!
Its done. Finished and I'm back to my 'beloved' uni and am currently a final year Med student.
Hmm, we were needed to write a report and make a poster for that posting trip and today was the deadline for both thingy submission.

Lets take a look at my poster.
There was no specific requirement for it and this was the first design that I had in mind.
How was it?

Simple and simple. 
At first, I was being grandiose and thought that it was the best among the best until I see the other's design. Haha..

Biar lah simple! The school won't bother to print juga tu. ;p

That's how Gee's ramble goes~ Vale!


  1. cretip juga bah.. no worry.. ehem, napa teda courages mo pigi gath kunun?? :).. relax ba.. seronok tu, trust me, yang tia tepigi tahun lalu, semua jeles.. sa buli atur transportation, as long as area kk, kalau luar, sampai papar gitu, susah la.. since saya on the way balik KB lagi masa tu, anything in between boleh.. mari la join.. :).. banyak perempuan dari lelaki ni pigi.. :D

    1. Malu malu bah~ hehe.. nah makin tergoda ni, nanti sy pigi lawat tu link facebook di post ko kio.. hehe

    2. He he he.. bab2 menggoda, si Aki mimang numbur satu ni.. bah, kami mempersilakan ja ni.. Lagi ramai, lagi syok.. :)

  2. ohhh! you are med student? bru sy tau :3 crita2 dulu.hihi. less is more. simple tp, nice :D

    1. Ya~ jum la crita2~ hehe.. tq2~

  3. just asking - does Med student stand for Media student or Medical student? I'm a lil puzzled right here. Although it's unlikely that medical students are asked to do such assignments? hah!


    1. In my case, it stand for medical student. :) We do have assignments like other course's students, but the poster was a special case.. Hee *wink*