Thursday, 12 July 2012

Our world Part I

Follow me through my journey.

Close your eyes,
and open up your senses.

Can you feels the light presence next to you?
Can you hear the soft rhythmic breathing next to you?
Do you feels the assuring aura next to you?
Protecting you from the evils around you,
leading your way through the gloomy days.

Feels through it presence,
and now, slowly lose yourself to the warm presence and wild imagination that it may lead.

In a blink,
we are standing on top of a mountain.

Both of us are in white.
Our long gowns is blowing in the wind.
The refreshing breeze brush past our exposed face.

Hand in hand, both of us are standing on the edge of the mountain top.
Engrossed in the world of our own.
Surrounded by nature.
Our long hair blowing in the wind.
The chirping songs of the mountain birds fills our world and accompany us through our moment of silence.

to be continued..


  1. A sabahan blogger? Glad to meet u. I could follow your journey thru your writing in blog :)

    1. Yup! Thanks SimplySeoul! Will drop by your page later.. :)

  2. very romantic feel indeed :) i love this post