Thursday, 22 November 2012

Superstitious nail cutting event.

Holla lovely folks!

Have you ever heard of the superstitious saying that you should not cut your nails at night??
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Well, for me, I never heard of such thing until a few years ago.
I was cutting my nail on one particular night when a friend warns me that the elderly has been saying that it wasn't right to do it at night, as the 'friend from the other side' may come to me and eat the nails that has been cut off.
And I was like, heyyyy, that was scary, but there was no such thing as that.
I even have an explanation for why the elder never cut their nails at night.
I was like " they never cut their nail at night because they used to have poor lightning in their home and they might hurt them self when cutting their nails in the dark."
But the friend still hold on to that belief despite my reasonable explanation.

Then, a few weeks ago, Ms Nurul downloaded a Malaysia-produced ghost movie called "You believe in ghost?"
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In one of the scene, there was a girl who always cut and groom her nails at night time, her uncle then tell her that she might get disturbed easily by the ghosts if she continue that habit. 

But she did not believe in her uncle and even has the gut to make a bet with him. Saying that if she did see a ghost, she will belanja his uncle a meal, whereas if she didn't, the uncle need to buy her dinner. And, eventually in the story, she was haunted by a few souls. Lol. 

Palis palis! I don't want that kinda thing to happen to me. Lol >.<

Is this true?
There must be a lot of people holding on to that belief, or else, it would be superstitious enough to be incorporated in a movie right?.

Lol. Do share your opinion of this issue ya.. Heee

Cowardly Gee just finished cutting her nails~ Ciao~ ;p


  1. yeah I heard about that before but it is just a superstitious :) Just a few days ago I cut my nails at night hehe

    But I do believe in ghost tho, have few experience with "them" haha

    1. Hehe.. same2.. i'm still doing it eventhough pernah dengar of such thing..
      what experiences? Mind to share it? Maybe u could blog about it.. i love hearing ghost story..esp local punya..hehe

  2. Hehhe...Saya pun pernah drg org ckp..Tidak boleh cut nail at night...

    1. How is the version of the story that you heard? Apa akan jadi?