Friday, 23 November 2012

Movie review: Breaking Dawn part two

The sequel for Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn part two finally out here in Malaysia!
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I've been waiting for this sequel after being left haunted by Bella's red vampie eyes last year. And I'm glad to say that the movie worth its waiting.

Breaking Dawn part two
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Bella has changed to be a real-time vampire after Edward turned her into one before she collapse after the delivery. And Renesmee the baby was the sweetest thing that I ever seen, except for the fact that she looked  like a computer-generated baby. She has a rapid growth rate and in a blink, she grows to be a sweet half mortal-half immortal little girl. 
A cousin thought that she was the vicious  immortal child and reported her to the Volturi.
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Alice, saw the forthcoming event warns them that the Volturi will come to claim the the child. In order to save Renesmee from the 'red coats', the Cullens family has spread around looking for other vampires to be their witnesses. 
Even the wolf pack helped them in their fight and for the first time ever, Twilight shows us the full action awesome fight scenes between the vampires and werewolf.
I was seriously sad when Carlisle head was torn apart by Aro, and when Jasper and a few other lose in their battle with the Volturi.
And I love the part where Edward and Bella works together to kill Aro. But before Aro's head was torn by Bella, Alice brought us back to the reality.
Everything that happened was only a vision that Alice shows to Aro to prevent the fight from happening. What a waste huh? 
But I'm kinda glad that it was only a vision.
Because that's mean Carlisle was still alive! And so do Jasper and the others. 
And then there was Jacob... Duh!
I thought Jacob's attachment to Renesmee was in a way that he will be her guardian and protect her away from any danger, but turned out, it was a lover-kind-of-attachment. She was his future partner?? Not good, not good. >.<

But still, overall. This movie is the best of all the series in the Twilight Saga. Awesome!
I'm giving this movie a 4 over 5 stars. *Applause~* ;p

Thanks for reading. XOXO. Gee.


  1. Thanks for the review. Mo p tingu oh nnti

    1. Thanks for reading sis! Make sure pigi tgk ah.. best.. ;p

  2. I am yet to watch this and at the same time my exam is comin soon. Dang!!

  3. Priotize your exam first sis.. but the show worth watching ni.. maybe you can go for a date with your hubby to the cinema when you are stressed with your study.. hehe