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Movie Review: Istanbul Aku Datang

Holla lovely folks..
This would be my first movie review. 
I'm thinking of adding this segment to my bloggie by making review on interesting movies that I recently watched and do let me know what you think of it. :)

Istanbul Aku Datang

A malay comedy/ romantic movie directed by Bernard Chauly, the same director for "Pisau Cukur" and "Gol dan Gincu".

Lisa Surihani as Dian
Beto Kusyairy as Harris
Tomok as Azad
Aizat as Azad's housemate, Ijoi

The story line from my point of view:
The story was about Dian (Lisa Surihani) who went to Istanbul, to be together with her long term boyfriend, Azad (Tomok).
Azad was pursuing his medical course there, whereas Dian has enrolled herself in the same university as Azad for a 3 months long language course. She went there with the intention of 'persuading' or 'triggering' Azad to propose her within the 3 months time they will be spending together.
But, things does not turned out as well as she hope as bad things kept happening to her.
Azad was unexpectedly cold toward her and she was needed to move out from his apartment to find another place to stay.
While searching for a suitable apartment, she stumbled upon a man who helped her on her first day at Istanbul and he offered her a nice empty apartment that he claimed to be his grandfather's house. Loving the nice and solitary house, she accepted the offer and fully paid the man for the 3 months rent.
And her bad luck doesn't end there, turned out, she was cheated and she was not the only tenant living in the house. The housemate was Harris (Beto Kusyairy), who was as unhappy as her to find each other living in the same house. The house owner went for a trip to Egypt when the two of them went to look for him to discover the truth behind the misunderstanding. 
Dian kept the fact that she was living with a male housemate as a secret from Azad. But, eventually, Azad found out and was very mad at Dian. Harris offered to explain the situation to Azad and, when both Dian and Harris went to Azad's apartment, the two guy started to fight when Azad kept throwing insult and accusation at Dian (saying that she betrayed him with the other man). Then suddenly a girl come to look for Azad and claimed that he was her boyfriend.
And so the truth was exposed. Azad was the one who cheated on Dian while throwing all the blame on her. 
Dian was heartbroken and has decided to return to Malaysia. On her last night in Istanbul, Harris has brought her to visit the beautiful places of Istanbul so that she will have a precious memory of the place rather than the heartbroking event.
Despite the fact that they has been fighthing like cat and dog all the while they were living under the same roof, Dian was touched by his kindness. 
But, on the same night, Azad went to look for her and ask for forgiveness. Saying that he has broken up with the other girl and she was the only one for her. He then propose to her and she accepted the ring. 
On the next morning, when she went down to the taxi where Azad was waiting for her to go to the airport, Harris chased after her and asks her to stay. And so, she has to choose between the two guy.
And for which one does she choose, you need to discover yourself at the cinema. 
Enough spoiler for the awesome Malay movie. :)

I'm giving this movie a 3.5/5 Stars. :)

Frankly saying, Lisa was not my favorite Malay actress but this movie changed my impression to this awesome lady. She should take a more happy go lucky and cutesy kind of role as this one rather than being the bad or sad girl. But, nevertheless, her acting is awesome in any kind of movie that she's in. Harris's role was cute too! His catch-phrase is "Jangan biadap" ;p Funny! Even funnier was when Dian thought that he was a gay and started imagining him with another guy with a rainbow next to them. Hee.
Nah! You should watch it yourself to understand what I'm rambling about. ;p
Do give it a chance in your movie list. Thanks for reading. :)

XOXO. Gee.

p/s: I do not own any of above photos. All of it was the courtesy of Ms Google. :)


  1. Haha.. entry yg comel.. Nasib kmi bw km tgk tu cerita Dit~ Heee... Xoxo Z. Haha. <3

    1. yea.. arigatou kepada kmu 3.. hehe

  2. yaaaaayyy!!!
    hahahaha love it too!
    nice review :)
    haizz klau bleh mcm nak tgk lgi citer ni berkali2,sygnye kewangan xmengizinkan haha
    tekpa, nnti i dw citer ni ^.^
    rindu nak tgk scene Dian & Haris bergaduh..
    comel btol dorang..
    hehehe nak juga xoxo N.

    1. thanks nurul san.. download la cepat2, sy pun mo tgk lg.. hehe.. xoxo gee..

  3. c lisa chubby owh d sini.. sy tggu kena tayang di tv ja ni. hahahah

    1. role dia comel betul ni.. hehe.. bah, palan2 tunggu sis.. memang akan muncul tu by next year.. ;)

  4. suka rsnya watak tomok tu azad kan bkn azhar??

    1. Yup.. thanks for telling it dear. Will do a correction on above review. and thanks for dropping by! :)

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