Friday, 17 May 2013


It's the end of le student life. 
Final exam was over for like 2 weeks ago and I moved all my possessions back home. 

I had 3 moving trips to transfer all my stuff from hostel back home. Why 3 trips you might say, because the mover a.k.a my brother only drives a Myvi and the stuff accumulated during the 5 years period was seriously a lot, so it's not possible for us to move back everything in one sole trip. 

And till now I still have sore muscle pain over le shoulder resulted from lifting the book racks and dino-books up and down the stairs. *Exhausting* I never wanna move again in near future. @.@
The highlight of this post would be this! My simple study/working/reading corner. Thanks to le weakut, I have 2 book racks now. One for my novels and the other one for my text books. 
The photos of my lovely friends. To remind me that I am a lucky person for having these lovely people.

And another one.
 Oops. And this stolen poster from school also become one of my room's deco. ;p

Just a simple post for being too free.. ;p

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  1. Hik2, your welcome Le Gee... OMG... Penuh nya tu rak buku!! haha..Ehemm!!! Poster Sarawak pn ada di Hall of Fame~ Hehe..