Friday, 17 May 2013

A letter to a friend II

A letter to a friend is dedicated to Ms Firah & Ms Nurul that went back to Peninsular after all these years. Here to you "a letter to a friend II".

" 'We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet. 'Even longer' Pooh answered" - A.A Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Nurul San~

Among all people, you are the one that know me the longest. We were destined to walk together. To walk the life path as a student together. We've known each other for nearly 2 decades now, to be specific, 17 years.

We studied together at the same primary school, and back then we were best friend too. And together with Miss Dg we were a triad made of "telur", "ayam" and "itik". You are one of the earlier person that accepted me as I am and I am really grateful for that. My childhood won't be the same without you and Dyg. *Hug*
Then we separated when you went away for another school during secondary school time. I still remember writing you letter, but being a lazy bum at that time, I broke the chain after one or two letters and we totally lost contact after that. *Sorry* (Kalau ko masi ingat lah, hehe)

Then, our next encounter was during matriculation time. But we haven't talk to each other yet that time. We crossed each other path for once or twice, and I recognised you instantly, but being a shy shy cat,  I didn't tegur you. Lama tidak jumpa kan, takut tidak kena ingat ni. ;p

We truly become reconciled again at UMS. We took the same course and suffered for a few years together. You are cool and sporting gila. You guys are the best neighbor that I ever had. Aisey. Hehe. Sorry for the time that I whined about my love life to you guys. Sorry~ Mesti kamu stress kalau saya datang bilik kamu masa tu tu kan. Hee. Thanks for being a good listener whenever I had trouble and feels like sharing. Thanks for not judging me for my mistakes.

I love hanging out with you guys especially when you are around, why? Cos you are the pe-meriah suasana and also event- planner. So the activities won't be boring without you. But, sorry for not being around for most of the time juga. During first and second year, faham faham lah why jarang hang out kan, but during third to fifth year, I didn't go out much due to unstable emotion + stress. Sorry. @.@

Ada lagi yang saya mau thanks ni: Thanks for providing me meggi time saya kelaparan tengah malam and thanks for the non-putus supply of running man at UMS (Skrg teda suda T.T).

Good luck for the next chapter of our life and you must come to my wedding k! (Tapi jangan risau, bukan saya yg first kahwin ni, antara kamu 3 tu, jangan lupa honeymoon trip ah) hehe.Dan jangan lupa jemput saya pigi your wedding juga. (OK! Habis pasal kahwin)

17 years is not a short time. You are a part of my life. Although I didn't express it, you are also one of my greatest friend in this whole wide world. *Hug*  I never wanna say goodbye to you, it's better to say it in chinese = 再见. Let us meet again in the future. :)

ps: *After induction and convocation baca lagi ni post ah. Baru tu last paragraph bermakna. ;)

As childhood friends, we grew up together,
Swearing to be friends forever and ever.
Sometimes we would argue and fight,
other times we would laugh and stay up all night.

We went from playing with games and toys,
To talking and dreaming about different boys.
My thoughts and feelings, to you I would confide,
Never having anything to hide.

Friends we do remain,
Things changing, and things staying the same.
To each other we still listen and share,
About each other, we will always care.
Mindy Carpenter

"A friend is someone who know all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard


  1. awww..this is so sweet..i wish my friend wrote me this kind of letter ;)

  2. Hee.. telur, ayam, itik, Classy~ ;)