Sunday, 12 May 2013

Book Reviews: Playing with the grown ups by Sophie Dahl

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes" - Antoine de Saint Exupery, The little prince
The story started with a phone call. The call that needed Kitty to go back to England as something happened to their mother. On her journey back home, rivers of memories flooded through her mind. The memory of her mother and her life.

The story was about Kitty's life and mainly about a daughter who adore her mother above everything else in the world. Kitty was born without a father, her mother had an affair with a married man and gave birth to her. Her mother was a painter and they live a simple life in the countryside with her bestemama and bestepapa. When she was 8 years old, her mother had another man in her life and given birth to a twin. However, the relationship only lasted for some time before the guy left them again.

Their peaceful life in the countryside abruptly changed when her mother had a sudden attraction toward a Hindi's teaching headed by a man named Swami-Ji. Their life course changes periodically according to Swami-Ji's forecast.

Kitty went through hardships in her boarding school and had a glamorous life along side her mother afterward. Turned out, her mother were not well and while her mother were getting proper treatment at the hospital, she and her younger brother and sister were taken care by their grandparent back at the countryside.

At the last chapter, the condition of her mother after they went back to the countryside were not mentioned, and I thought that the call mentioned earlier was about the death of her mother, that's why Kitty rushed back to her mother's side. But I was wrong as she was pretty much alive when Kitty reached England.

At last, Kitty get to meet her mother again and she get to hear the long awaited apology from her mother.

The story is mainly about how Kitty feels as she grows up with her mother as her idol and role model. Trying to become just like her mother, she dressed way too elegantly for her school and as expected, a lot of people thought that she was eccentric and she does not have a big circle of friends. Her feeling were described in the story and although she adore her mother very much, she was soon tired of the attention given on her mother and the drug problem that her mother has. Kitty doesn't grown in a normal family as others did but at the present, she is married and living a normal life with her husband.


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