Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sorry Luv

Got this poem from someone few days ago.

I've never been the type to say what I feel
So basically I keep everything inside
And with you it was no different
I want to tell you, believe me I've tried

But there's part of me that just can't take that chance
So I doubt that you'll ever know
Which may be fine with you, but it's hurting me
I choose not to show it though

I guess I'm your secret admirer
The name seems to fit just right
I don't know what I like about you
But you're on my mind, day and night

Maybe it's the way you look
So sexy that I can't get enough
Or how you make me feel when you come around
I instantly forget all other stuff

Maybe it's the way that you say my name
Or maybe it's the way you smile
Then again it might just be everything
Getting to know you seems worth my while

But I guess I'll never know what it it

My true feelings I could never reveal to you
I'll just admire you from a distance
I'm not sure what else there is to do
Source: Secret Admirer, Falling in love poem

I was stunned.
It was too pretty. Too sweet.
And I felt the same way toward someone too. 

But to that someone that sent me this poem.
You are sweet.
But are you sure that you mean it.
You may not read this, but you are sweet.
But, I don't believe in love. Sorry.
But, Thanks :)


  1. A phrase tat means a thousand words. :)

  2. Love is sweet, amazing, makes you wanna be a better is a great thing ^^ used to say i dun bliv in love...but then..when the right person came it just feel nvm if in future if my love gonna break my heart..wanna just enjoy the love

    1. I hope that I'll be like you when I found the right one.. :)