Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Book Reviews: Beautiful Chaos

Sorry for the long absent.

My latest possesion! *Grin*
The third book from the Beautiful Creature series!

I had the first and second book, and buying the third series seems like a must when you possess the first and second part of the story.
I had been planning to buy this book with my 1 Malaysia Book vouchers, but the book was magically hidden when I had the vouchers  and mysteriously appears only after I spend all of it. *Sigh*
So.. In the end, I still need to spend extra money for it. 

But! But..
Since the book was in my 'must have' book list, I bought it anyway without any bad conscience. 
And I was pretty much lucky as Popular was having sales on the day that I decided to adopt this novel back home. :)

Rebate 20% for member. Woots!
The original price was RM36.95, and I was only charged with RM29.55 after the discount.
Saved RM7.39 on it. <3

A lil review on the series~

Ethan has been living his whole lives in the small town of Gatlin, from which he wished he could escape from. However, his once dull live changed when a girl moves into his town and school. The girl, Lena is a caster (The one possess power, including the vampire, werewolf and etc). Ethan was in love with her and a magical connection soon developed between them. 
In the caster world, there was the dark and also light forces. And each of the caster power will be determined when they are 17 years old. So, this Lena is going to be 17th soon and the story is mainly about Lena trying to discover herself out and Ethan in discovering the secret laid underneath the 'dull' town. And also the journey and adventures they went through to prevent her from falling to the dark force. 

<3 <3

Thats it! I'm gonna spend my day lazying in my cozy room reading this! 

Will blog again soon. see ya. :)

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