Saturday, 23 June 2012

Foodie Affairs: Anjung Selera, Tg Lipat

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience; This is the ideal life."
~Mark Twain

Had a late dinner at Anjung Selera, Tg Lipat Likas last night.
And the ambient was awesome!
I'm so in love with this picture. :)

At Anjung Senja, you can choose to sit indoor or outdoor. 
If you love to catch up with the news or drama being played on the TV, you might as well sit indoor. 
And if you loves to feel the breeze on your face or sit near to the musical splashing wave's sound, woots, outdoor you go. :)

I'm not a traveller nor a food critique who was on my travelling or food quest.
So I'll not ramble much.

Just sharing the few photos captured before the meal.

Holla! Its me! :)

The friends. Mama Kim and Papa Rodt.

The foods. Chicken wings, satays, and keropok lekor.

Our 'large' OJ. :)

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life."
~William Morris

Thats all peeps! Adios.


  1. Candle light dinner.oopsss. I means candle light supper. Hahaha. The satay looks yummy yummy

    1. Candle Light dinner and me being a light bulb there.. ;)

  2. Hello Gee, my first time visiting you. You've been visiting me a lot and I haven't gah! Been busy. So yea, I've never been to this place even though I stay around KK but it seems like a wonderful place to hang out with friends. =)))

    1. Thanks for finnaallly visiting me aesther.. Hee, just joking. I love your posts so you'll see me a lot on ur page.. ;p

  3. lamanya aku nda makan sini..
    aissssh, balik kk nnt msti mo pigi ni..
    mengidam sudaaa...

    1. Bah, jangan lupa singgah2 sana nanti.. hee~

  4. the first pict is crazy good! :) how did u manage to snap that? :DD

    Latest: Pretty Whitesoot

    1. Thanks dear.. Maybe I was lucky with the natural lightning effect that day.. :)