Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Project Wall

"Glancing at the wall and see nothing. 
I'm surrounded by nothing but whiteness. 
And What if...
What if it is painted in pink?
Hmm.. Nay~ Troublesome.
And what if, I get some of those cute wall-sticker~"

What if? 
Well.. This how it turned out to be~

My blank wall.

 And the hero that came to the rescue.

Hey there lil kitty, lets get you a new home. :)

The instructions. Not everything that come from China is unreliable. :)

The rough idea on how it should turned out to be.

Testing with a few stickers first.

And trying to get all the windows on the wall.

Okie. I love you the way you are.

And add a little details.

Completed. Mission accomplished.

It might not be grand, but its better than bland. :)

p/s: Its from Kaison. :)


  1. Hello Gee :) thanks for the visit!

    Not bad the wall sticker, looks kinda cute

  2. Hey hey Dora~ Thanks! You can try to do it too. Its a simple cute deco. :)

  3. wow.. comelnya.. sa mo buat la.. he he he.. Nice idea tho.. :D

    1. Comel ka? Buat la juga~ Kasi comel bilik Aki~ Hehe

  4. The sticker wall is so unique and awesome. I always wanna buy from Kaison but everytime wander around Kaison, I tends to forget to check for it. =P

    1. Hee.. There was a lot of cute different designs for it too.. Do put it in your shopping list next time.. :)

  5. aww this is so cute! love it. :)

    1. awww~ Thanks! You should give it a try too.. :)