Monday, 18 February 2013


On each holiday, I'll have a long list of things to do for the one week period, but as usual I failed to do any of it. It's kinda demotivating to say fail tho, I better put it as 'yet to accomplish' any of the plans.  @.@

1. Trip for Telupid
Planned to go to Telupid this holiday and I even made mountain high of promises to my sister regarding this visit. But at the last minute, I had a change of thought and cancelled the plan. Reason being, I had a lot of things in mind and  I have random plans at KK and I won't be able to accomplish any of it if I'm away at Telupid. Sorry Sis.. :(

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2. Redo my hair
Frizzy hair, messy hair, unkempt hair. 
Urgh. Yeap. That's how my hair is like now. 
At time, I feel like chopping off all this messy hair, but then, I'll be too 'unique' for the society don't you think. Hehe.
So, I planned to straighten my hair again.
Oh manageable hair, I miss you so much. Hopefully I'll be seeing you tomorrow. *Yeay*

Two unread novels left. *Can't wait for the book vouchers*

3. Make more book reviews
I started the 'book reviews' segment 2 months ago, but being busy with study and all, I didn't manage to update any new "bookish" entry. But, despite being busy with study, I manage to read a few books during my "lazy time". Hopefully, I can write the review for the books that I had read during this holiday. :)

4. The long-postponed plan
I feel like it is a jinx to keep mentioning the thing but never do it. So, I won't be mentioning what the plan is before even starting on it. Hopefully I can cancel out this wishlist off my bucket lists too. *Finger cross*

And random photos.
Home-cooked lunch. <3

Me and le bro at Karamunsing yesterday. :)

Just sharing. :)


  1. ngam juga kasi straighten rambut..sya pun suka gitu.. Lapar pula sya nmpk tu udang..

    1. Hehe.. Kan.. 1 tahun lebih dah sy tidak buat rambut.. Sedap sis~ ;p Tapi x boleh makan udang sekarang.. Ada red tide knen.. saya pun yg terbeli di giant ni.

  2. ok jg kalau straight rambut.. senang mau urus kan..

    uiyo ada book voucher lagi o kan.. noleh beli novel ni

    1. ya~ Itu voucher yang ditunggu tunggu bikin tambah koleksi novel. Out of stock da novel sy.. hee ;)

    2. I am amazed with your passion for books. sya malas sudah mau baca. hmm abt the hair kasi lurus sja ba. Rebonding hehe

    3. I read as much as I could when I'm free, busy days are around the corner.. :( Suda menjadi lurus ni rambut.. hehe

  3. hi..first time here. I never really make plan for myself. now it seems like everybody talk abt plan and now I am think that I am so stupid for never come with plan for my own life. what a waste.

    I did rebonding like so many times and now I am tired with a long straight hair. I like a bob hair. much more cooler I think. and book review, yeah I started with Sophie Kinsella. And still reading Kinsella now...I am wondering how long I could finish her book Lol.

    1. Hello Lexa! Thanks for dropping by.
      I only made plan for the holidays to avoid myself from getting insane with boredom. Otherwise, I'm too lazy to plan for anything.

      During my student years at Uni, I tried all kind of hairstyles, and I even cut my hair real short once *What a regretful event* ~.~ and I decided that I prefer long hair and straight hair is more manageable than curl~ Lesson learnt from failed experiment. Hee.