Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy CNY and the extra spices of my blood.

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm not a pure Chinese, but I'm celebrating the Chinese's culture of celebrating this special day. :)

People have been asking me whether I'm a Chinese and the answer for that question is somewhat complicated. I used to love the fact that I came from a complicated and confusing family tree that I take the pleasure of explaining it to my friends, but as time goes by, I grew tired of the long and twisting family genealogy and will simply answer them with either yes or no.

"Yes, I am a Sino Kadazan (Kadazan mix with Chinese)"
"Nope, I'm a Kadazan/Dusun"

Well, if I'm to say that I'm a mixed blood, I will say that I am a Kadazan+Dusun+Indian+Chinese.

I'm in the mood of explaining it right now, so, here it goes. :)

My paternal grandfather is a pure Indian from India, he married to my grandmother, who was a local Sabahan (Kadazan). Then, due to unknown reason (I was never told why), my father was adopted by my grandmother's elder sister, who married to a pure Chinese guy from Hong Kong.
My father, a Dusun+Indian+Chinese's culture then married to my Mum (Dusun).

In short, I'm a Kadazan Dusun. But sometimes, I like to add extra spices to my blood. So, at times, I'll admit that I'm an Indian or Chinese. Lol. 
But, it's not a crime to feel special over trivial things right. :)

So, my family have been practicing the Chinese's culture of having reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve and used to celebrate the light festival when my Indian grandpa was alive too.

But, when we see each other next time and you ask me what race am I, I'll just answer you with Kadazan. :)

Back to the main reason why I post this..

Happy Chinese New Year again folks! :)

The reason why I love CNY so much. Hehe.

And Oh, a random shot of the curtain. Purposeless much hoh. @.@

Have a great day folks! Thanks for reading.


  1. Wah! What a mixed blood! You could be Cindian, Kadus or Sino.

    1. Yup.. But sometime I malas want to explain.. So jadi Kadus ja la. Hehe

    2. That's the unique thing about being Sabahan