Saturday, 23 February 2013

Baking project part II

I had another round of baking project after my first attempt failed last holiday. 

But the result was still non-satisfactory.. *Sad*

The oven that I used was an old one and there was an error with the temperature setting, so that the cakes does not rise properly. 

To prevent history from repeating itself, it's decided that my next baking project will be on the day when I bought a new oven. *God know when* 

Don't be fooled by the cupcakes appearance, I covered the disproportionate cake's surface with loads of creams. ;o

I was gonna say that the cakes were edible and the taste was not bad, but it feels inappropriate to praise myself here. Lol.

Just sharing. ;)


  1. Look nice though. Ba bila beli oven?.. Hihi

  2. wah best owh baking kan.. sa inda pandai bakin..

  3. wahh.. ada lg org yg terjangkit baking nie! hehehehe... ba, sama2 la kita mem-baking kan diri.. hehehe...