Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Le mice captured.

Holla lovely folks!

Do you still remember the time when I mistaken a moussie activity for a paranormal one?
And how it wrecked our room in just one week time?

Well, I supposed someone finally reported these culprits to the hostel management and some sort of intervention was done at our hostel.

Last week, a total of 3 mouse traps were set on my floor's corridor.
And for the first few days, the cage/mouse traps was unoccupied. No moussie was lured into one.
And I doubt that any mouse will get trapped in the cage at all.

But surprisingly, the day before yesterday.
One mouse get into one of the trap. 
And another get into the other one on the next day.

And I thought that was all. 

I personally thought there were only two mouse living on our floor.
And yet, the last cage held its victory this evening.
The third moussie was held captive within the mouse traps.
The 3 culprits.
The third victim.

I was wrong. There could be more rats in this hostel but there are no more cages for them. Huu.

Serve you right moussie!
Ciao. Gee


  1. Ouch! mouses >_< i hate 'em. banyak ni di rumah kampung huhu...

    1. Kalau di kg pandai2 tikus dia kan.. baik ko piara kucing.. hehe

  2. Replies
    1. OMG aki.. ko makan ni?? @.@

    2. nda lah.. hahaha.. men2 ja bah.. :p

  3. Eeeeeee.... cepat2 kasi scroll down p bhgn comment.. nda berani tgk. geli! yayyyyyy

    1. Hehe.. assume ja dorang ni hamster hitam.. ;p

  4. ewwww...i hate rats! they're dirty & gross!

    1. At first I can tolerate them.. but after they wrecked the room, I have to admit that, rats are rats.. And they can be dirty and gross..and menyakitkan hati.. hehe ;)

    2. eeewwww..good thing you catched them

      xoxo Wengie