Sunday, 23 December 2012

Travel Affairs: Nunuk Ragang, Ranau

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo

Nunuk Ragang is a small village and can be roughly be located at Tampias, where the two rivers Liwagu and Gelibang meet, to the east of Ranau and Tambunan.
"Nunuk" is a kadazan word for the word Banyan tree, while "Ragang" derivates from aragang, meaning red.
There are multiples sources of this legendary Nunuk Ragang origin, and basically, the story is about how the Kadazan/Dusun ethnic spread.
Me and le famille stop by this place when we were on our way to visit my sister at Telupid last year.
And above was the picture of the legendary tree house of Sabah. 
The inside.
Cultural exhibition.
And a more accurate explanation of the origin of this place is available there.
Random photos of the place. :)
On top.

Nunuk Ragang situated at Kilometer 54 along the Telupid-Ranau highway and is about an hour drive from Ranau. 
It is a nice and peaceful place that worth visiting by any nature lover. But expect no more than fresh air and nice views. :)

A short post about the places that you might love in Sabah. Ciao. Gee.


  1. Everytime I traveled to Sandakan, I only watch this place far from the window cars. There was one time, my hubby wanted to visit this place but I'm afraid time is so limited that we need to go back to KK before the night falls. I'm happy to see it is actually well maintain (is it?) because I heard that this place has been unattended since the last ceremony of Nunuk Ragang.
    This is sacred place for Kadazan/ Dusun and I hope one day I could bring my children to visit this place where their mother's ancestor believe to live here before. (^^)
    Thanks for the lovely photos,sis. Not much people will visit there due to the location.

    1. One will not notice the place if they didn't know about it's presence.. :) I won't say that it was well maintain though, the place was ok but the public toilet was not ok.. Maybe because not many people go there, so that the keeper do not clean the facilities frequently. Huu. But still the place is worth visiting. Be it a stopover place when going to Sandakan or elsewhere, but it is not advisable to go for a trip just for the place. :)

  2. Replies
    1. singgah2 lah sis if kamu ada pigi sandakan. Our legendary treehouse.. :)