Friday, 17 August 2012

Virtual friend

There are time, when you thought that you are being special in someone's life. May it not be someone that they love, but, someone who deserves some space in their life/heart. And in the end, it turned out that you are not.

It turned out that you are just one of those ordinary people that crossed their mind once or twice, but never really stand out from the other tons of ordinary person in their life.

And, when it happens to me, I'm not sure of how I should react to this situation.

Lemme just be frank of that situation here.
And yeah, you are right, the 'you' that I mentioned above would be a 'me' in real life.
You, me and thousands of people in the world have this facebook thingy right. And of all the friend in our lists, is those people that actually exist but we never actually met in real life. Them being a virtual friend. Someone that we chat a lot through the net, but might never ever spoke to in reality.

And yup, I chat a lot with that guy. A lot in the sense that, more than any other people in my chat list. And we has a pet name for each other too. regardless of the fact of knowing that he is a-not-so-into-relationship kind of guy, I thought that I might be special to him. 

But, sadly, I am not. And upon discovering that myself, I has the urge to remove him from my friend list. Childish isn't it. But, I'm holding on and trying to be positive. Why delete when I can turn the situation around and have that someone as a friend rather than the-thing-that-I-thought-we-could-turn-to-be. 

Blah blah blah. Just voicing my dissatisfaction for him. And I'm glad that we are nothing. Why, cause he get a new label in my heart. Lelaki murahan. lol.

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