Thursday, 30 August 2012

Happy Independence Day Malaysia

I want to wish all Malaysian a Happy Independence/ National Day!!

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31 August marked the indepence day for Malaysia and it is celebrated country-wide on this special day.
And even though Sabah did not get independent on the same day as Malaya, all of us celebrated this special day together. :) All thanks to the people that worked hard to negotiate our way to independence! Yeay!
We all are Malaysian.
Push aside all the political error, misunderstanding and racism. 
Cut off the crap about separating Borneo and Malaya, and be more realistic by focusing to be a better person and thus better friend and neighbor, especially to different races people.
And be a true One Malaysia.

Again.. Happy Independence Day Malaysia!!

No intent of offending any party Gee. Ciao. :)


  1. Happy Merdeka Day~!!!
    best of luck for ur clinical exam miss gee <3

    1. Happy merdeka day juga! Omo.. ganjil nya u panggil i Gee.. hehe

    2. hehe pasni sy akan pngil u miss gee~ mcm lagu snsd tu..
      boleh buat tarian skali hik3 ;)

  2. Woots2... Happy Independence Day Malaysia! Hee. Good morning Edith! =)