Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jumbled up post

I'm in the mood of posting something on my page.
So.. Lemme just jumbled up everything and let you see the snippet of my life.
Errr... for today to be specific. :)

Went to Pizza Hut for lunch this afternoon.
And ordered spaghetti for miself.
And le friends ordered Pan pizza for their self.
Nyum nyum.

Went back hostel after lunch and was distracted by the Jambu air's tree in front of our block.
And decided to do some harvesting and...

Free carb dinner la then. :)

And these would be my haul from Padini's sale last week. 
Busy busy class pun sempat juga go shopping kan. Hehe
I'm in need of a pair of new shoe, and I get myself that Vincci sweetie pie.
And.. I did not plan to buy any clothe and yet, apa jadi, tu dia.. got me a pair of blouse too. ~.~

Hee.. Thats all for now.
Hope that you have a better day than mine. :)


  1. Baru saya perasan, macam lama sudah saya tidak makan rojak jambu air ni. Tiba-tiba mengidam pula. Haha.

    1. Neh.. pgi panjat pokok jambu ni petang, buat berbuka.. hehe

  2. Like Fadzmie, i also haven't had jambu air in a looong time. Maybe because I like jambu batu so much... hehee.

    Happy weekend, Gee!

    1. Once in awhile, you should give jambu air a chance too.. Orang tua tua cakap, jangan terlampau makan jambu batu.. nanntttiiiii..... hehe