Saturday, 20 July 2013

Restless ramble

Holla lovely folks!

I haven’t write in ages; the last update that I wrote (excluding my amateur writing of paradisum) was months ago?

I am in limbo now, where times seem to freeze along with this body of mine. I’ve been passive for months and all I’ve been doing for the time being was eat, sleep, read and face the laptop for all days long.  All days lonnnnggg. Well, though I’m dreading the day that I’ll start working, being in this boring state for too long make me no good too. So, I can’t help to wait for the days that I’ll get my ‘calling’ letter and start to get active again.

Talking about the letters or documentations, they are part of reason why I am restless on my longus holiday. Holiday supposed to be good right, but mine isn’t so for me. *Sigh*

The letters. I’m expecting 3 batches of letter but not one has reached me yet. You see, I lived in papar and though few years back we moved to Sepanggar, I never changed my mailing address to my current location for not having a trustworthy address here.  And so, all the letters was mailed there and for some reason, I was unable to stay overnight at my aunt house and being a nocturnal person, a day trip back just for the letter is tiresome ;p, so I called my cousin to help me take them and passed it to my brother, as they are colleague. But the frustrating thing is, my cousin went for outstation after he took the letter and this crazy brother of mine never take me seriously and didn’t take the letters from him until the day he, himself went out for outstation. So now, I’m left hanging here with the letters lying at some foreign place. *Sigh* again. So, All I can do is to wait and wait and be patience.

Another big reason why I am trapped in this place is my driving lessons. I made a big mistake. A seriously huge MISTAKE. I chose the wrong driving institute or ‘branch’ to be exact. This branch of driving institute that I went to has been taken their student for granted. I don’t know how to say this, but in this limited time, when I’m trying to get my license as fast as I could, they are just being ‘unhelpful’. No. It should be something stronger, but I’m trying hard not to use vulgar word here. My classes was postponed for so many times and at crucial time, the tutor was being unreachable. And now I am stuck with my current progress. Have you ever wished hard for something and when it doesn’t go the way that you wanted it to be is causing you serious heart ache? Well that’s how I am now, I was quite confident with this driving thingy at first, but with all these problems, my confidence decrease. Hope that it will end well before my holiday end. *Finger crossed* I just can’t leave this place without completing this saddening quest.

Enough with the depressing stuffs, I want to share the good things about my holiday too. The keywords to describe my heart candy are 3Bs. Books, bake and babies.

Books. I’ve collected a few new read over the holiday, and finished more than 5 novels. Yeay! Books bOoks booKs. But I’m not in the mood to write book reviews on each book though; I’m lazy enough as it is. Hee.

Bake. I finally succeed in the making of a chocolate moist cake after 2 failed attempts. I didn’t snap its picture though, because a mini disastrous thing happened and the presentation was not pretty. Hu. And I also made chocolate fondant and butter cake. All was inspired by sis Stella who was pretty successful with her baking project now. *Heart*

Babies. Well as you know, I’ve been spending 1/3 times of my holiday over my sister’s place and spend some time with the babies. And now that I’ back, I’m missing them. L But the stupid driving lessons are holding me back here. L again.

There goes my ramble of my limbo-ish holiday. Sorry for the negativism of this post. J

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  1. haha~ still haven't reply surat mmc n spa kah? better cepat2 o~ yg lain2 no need hurry bah hehe xD btw mmg begitulah every driving institute and their pengajar (last time di ranau pun begitu ni...malas2 tutors dia) klu ko confident sudah bawa can pinjam my car oso bah~ btw jz saw ppl takng JPJ test today haha