Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lucky Bro.

 Holla lovely folks!
It's been awhile since I post some random ramble.And I'm just in the mood to share an interesting event that happened recently, so, stay tuned folks. :)

It was my eldest brother's birthday last Saturday. Tho I was not as enthusiast as his fiancee to surprise him on his special day, I became her partner in crime in preparing the mini event.

My brother was such a bully that he'd been requesting for future SIL to bake an ice cream cake for him, but since she didn't have much spare time due to her bizarre work schedule, she decided to just buy it. And the only place that we know for selling it is the new Baskin Robbins at 1B. So?? BR is it.

Future SIL had a night shift the night before, so, we confide to meet at 1B for the cake. And that day was the first day in my longus holiday that I wake up early in the morning. Lol. 
Anyway, I took a bus from home to 1B and meet future SIL there. As expected we were early, but we didn't expect the store to open at 11am. Ok, I know I'm a noob, but we never have BR here what, and I thought the standard time for any shop to open at a mall was 10am. Betul kan? ;p

So we went to buy lunch as an accompaniment for the cake and even mindlessly bought the opposite door's Dunkin's donuts while waiting. @.@

When the store finally opened, we straightaway went for the cakes! 
The way the cakes were sold in BR was different from other store/ bakery that sells cake. 
You choose the cake based on the number of serving. For example, either for 4 people, 6 people or more, and the price differ depending on the number. 
And okay, most of you may have known this, but, I'm still an BR noob, so, sabarlah ya. Hee.

The selections were limited for our walk-in cake-hunt, so we just randomly chose one of the few flavors of ice-cream cake there. And chocolate is always the safest choice, don't you think. :)
Chocolate/ vanilla ice cream cake
Le bro was overly tired from work the day before, so he was still asleep by the time that we went back.
And then the usual surprising process happened and that was him with future SIL in his 'bedraggled' look after being forced to wash up for picture taking. Hehe.
The mindlessly bought donuts that are still in the fridge.
And my fascination for the ice cubes that keep the cake intact for our journey home.  

My brother was damn lucky right?! To have such a cool cake for his birthday. Oops. It seem like I'd been putting the limelight on the cake rather than the birthday boy since the beginning till the end.
Anyway, Happy birthday Bro! 

ps: The reason for the lack of enthusiasm to celebrate le bro birthday was that he didn't wish me mine on my birthday the week before. @.@ Tidak puas hati betul. Hehe.

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