Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oldtown Cafe, Shopping..Archery..

What we did last Saturday. *Post exam mode*
Well, as some of you might know, I had been having my end of posting exam last week.
Had written exam and viva on Monday,
OSCE on Tuesday and clinical exam on Sat.
The clinical exam was not supposed be that late, Sat some more, but due to Merdeka Day celebration, it was pushed to Sat. >.<

And to celebrate for our post-exam day,
me, le roomate and le friend went out to OneBorneo on Sat's evening.

*Waitttt.lemme give a brief explanation before I continue with my ramble.*
The clinical exam comprises of two parts. Long case and short case.
We started with the short cases at 9 am and the long cases at around 12.30 pm.
And even though there was some spare time in between the two exams, we were not allowed to go out from the quarantine room. 
Yeah! We were quarantined for the whole day and not even allowed to go out for lunch. :(

So we were pretty starving after the exam end. :(((
At least me was starving la, I don't know about other people. Hehe.

So, the first agenda of the night was dinner!

le me and friends ended up at Old Town after circling the mall. 

le me was playing with the camera while waiting for our foods to come.
Pointless pencil's photo. Layan ja lah. Hehe

Oops. No foodie photo for this post. :)

After satiated our self with yummy noodles, we continue our 'journey' with some game.
Le us went to archery!

le me in action. ;p
le friends in action! hehe

After we confirming our skill in archery was not as good as Robin Hood or "Snow White",
we went to do things that girls do best.

Or I rather say, window shop. Cause I didn't bought anything at the end of the day. Hee

I didn't buy any clothes, but I did try one cute skirt.
Love the design, but it was a little too big for me and I know that the potential of me wearing that skirt after buying it is low.
So, teda beli ni.. >.<
le lovely skirt. Ignore the scattered shoe. Hee.
What I wore that evening. <3
Graphic Tee from F.O.S
Black legging from Brand's outlet
Ballet's flat from Vincci
We 'patrolled' a few more stores before going back for the day. :)

Back at high school, I did archery too.
But the skill was gone.. Uhuu. :)

Reporting activity Gee. Ciao.


  1. wah tgk gambar mcm ala2 profesional jek :)

    1. Macam kan.. sy pun rasa gitu.. hehe ;p

  2. archery! tried for the first time last year! susah!! hahahah..

    1. Sakit tgn ni klau yg first time main..mau training bru siok main.. ;p

  3. ok, memandangkan ko comel, sa mo paksa ko datang tu gath nanti.. ha ha ha.. hm, sa kalau pigi oldtown, mesti lepak sekurang2nya 3 jam.. ha ha ha.. :D.. btw, sa blum pernah pigi archery.. :D

    1. Tengoklah macam.. ;p pigi lah try.. siok jg tu.. :)

  4. Even I also will starving cause will consume lots of brain thinking during exam time, thus will making more hungry. Imagine from 9am then continue again 12.30 and no lunch break, gosh! I don't know how to tahan lapar.

    1. That's why.. sudah lah hungry, the place was cold lagi tu masa.. Thanks God it was exam, or else, I pengsan ady.. hehe

  5. Replies
    1. Best jg tu.. sis pigi lah try stu kali.. hehe

  6. Good time after an exhausting exam is always great. I always play PC games after the end of my exam week during my college years. :)


    1. Typical guy activity arr.. hehe ;p

  7. Uisheh, cara memanah tu ba. Posingan maut.

    Ada lagi clothes punya detail o kan. Ini baru la hehee.

    Biar la window shopping, jimat banyak.

    And happy weekend, Gee!

    1. Jangan begitu bah.. mana tau ada orang berminat ma baju sy.. hehe

      Happy weekend too! :)

  8. Archery,sounds fun.Mau juga sy cuba neh...Hey nane,those skirt looks good on you.You better try wearing skirt someday.Plus,you got pair of killing legs ah.:)