Monday, 3 September 2012

Bugged by a weirdo

Hi ya all!
How has your Monday been?
Been having the Monday blue thingy?
Good thing for me that I'm having my holiday now, so, I have no problemo with you this week Mr Monday. :)

Today is awesome!
Been having fun with le Weakut and le Nurul at Suria doing you-know-what! Hee..
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And then one minor incident happened which kinda spoil the mood a little.
Le friends has to go 'solat' at the time, and I decided to wait for them at The Times' Bookstore.
I picked a book and settled down at one of the comfy seat available at the corner of the store.
I was sitting facing the bookshelf and to my left was the wall.
And out of a sudden, a man appeared from the back of the bookshelf and stand in front of me.
(Semangat~ even draw the map tempat kejadian..hehe)

It was seriously an awkward position, because the space between me and the bookshelf was not much, and suddenly he was there.
I ignored the guy at first and was thinking to myself whether I should shift place in case I'm blocking this guy punya way to look for his book at the section.

But, the guy suddenly tegur me while holding a small notebook.
For God sake, can you guess what he was doing?
He was asking for my number. Asked me to write my phone number on the notebook.
And Okay, you might think that this is normal and I'm being over reacting by writing this all here.
But, on the page of the notebook that he flicked opened was other girl's numbers and that was weird. 
It's like he was collecting girl's number and the store was his port? 
The reason for asking my number was: "Untuk kawan kawan"
Aigoo. Lame reason. Hee

And so, as expected, due to the weird situation, I rejected him in the good way.
I thought that he was going to leave after that, but he linger at the area and asked for it again. And again I said no. But still, he didn't leave! He sit next to me and asked again. Yerrr.. Scary. 
After that he did leave me alone but come back again after a few minute. With the same sentence.
I was spooked! I even clutched my handbag tightly. Just in case he was a bad guy and was aiming for my handbag. Hee *Paranoid*
But thanks God, he didn't come back to bug me again after the 4th time. 

That is not a normal.
Guy don't do that kinda stuff anymore. And he looks not normal too. >.<

Girls! Be careful wherever you are. Weirdo do go to bookstore too. Huh!

Paranoid Gee. Ciao!


  1. Kalau sy, sy pun nda bg my number and yes.. misti mau pigang tu handbag. but i think sy sdh kluar dr sana awal2 lg klu nmpk dia msh lg d sana.. yayyy.. bikin takut!!

    1. Ada juga sy terfikir mo keluar, tp nasib baik dia x dtg balik lg lpas tu.. huu

  2. Huu.. patut ada CCTV di Times sna utk menjamin keselamtan customers. Huu.. Wah.. Sa suka map yg anda lukis.. Le artistic~ Hee.. Scary tp pengajaran too le Girls~ =)

    1. Patut ada macam yg d amp square tu kan.. hehe.. each and every corner~ ;p

  3. aisey biler baca kmu pnya description tu mmg nmpak menakutkan jgalah tu org..
    haizz maybe schizo ler tu =.=

    p/s: hehe sy pun suka tu map..cute jek >.<

    1. tu la kan.. schizo tu!... *stu kali normal tu org.. hehe*

  4. If that guy approach me in a good way, cerita2 dulu and pura2 kasitau what type of books he likes, pastu baru la tukar2 no hp, maybe i'll consider la. tp kalau terus minta, it's a big NO.

    1. I pun will consider if the guy were to do the thing that you say.. hehe.. tp ni direct2 minta.. weird.. Huhu

  5. it's intimidating to stand in front of you while you were seating. he should wait until you stand, so you wouldn't be freaked out. :)

    1. Thats why.. do be careful too k dear.. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Bikin takut kan.. di Times lg tu.. hish hish..