Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hi! Bye!

Hey hey everyone! How are you? :)

I have not blog for 2 weeks and this page has been covered with lots of cobwebs.Huh! >.< a lot of clean up need to be done! ;p

"End of holiday"
One week of holiday ended and I'm back to Uni and started my second posting/ class for year 5.
Internet connection after the new semester started is a little bit slow. Woo! I can't no longer online as frequent as I used to.

"The study"
Week one of Surgical posting has been great. The lecturers are nice as always and the surgical department's environment itself is great.(*even if it's not, psycho diri sendiri*)
My surgical knowledge was rusted and a lot of revision needed to be done to polish it back. >.<
So, lets see each other once a week. On the weekend to be precise. :)

"The wishes"
Happy Malaysia Day Malaysian! Lets stay united forever! :)
and welcome to new Juniors who enrolled in UMS! :)

The end. See you again. Gee. Ciao.


  1. Rindu pula sia study hahaa. Tula, dulu nda study betul-betul n tda enjoy study. Skg miss study pula hehee.

    Apa course ko di UMS, Gee?

    1. Bah, pa lagi.. smbung study~ hehe
      Study yg paling lama mo habis.. medic. :)

    2. Ooo... ba nanti kalo sia sakit. Sia minta mc dari ko ja. Wakaka jk.

  2. Happy Malaysia Day~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Yes the new semester ardy start. Let's do our best Gee. May the days in ums be good to you.

    1. Yup! You study here too right? lets do our best this sem! :)

  4. sa mo skolah balik!!!! :p.. eh, tua sudah pula si Aki ni.. :D..

  5. See you... when I see you. :P


  6. i miss campus life so much...Gee,may i ask?ko ambil course apa d UMS?