Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm making a comeback :)

My new possesion. Whee~

A 3 in 1 Canon's printer, and

A 3 level wooden bookshelf
And believe me not folks, I only spend RM58 for for these two. Quite cheap huh?
The printer alone may cost me RM300+ in the market and the bookshelf cost RM29+, but I only got it for RM50 and RM8 each. :)

Well, a 'garage sales' has been going on for the past few weeks as the seniors had finished their study and were going back to their hometown by this week. They had been selling their books and variety of stuffs in a very cheap price. 
And I got my eyes on these two and managed to buy it from a kind and lovely senior for that worthy price. :p

It immediately granted a space in my room.
 My novels~ <3


Its day one after exam today, but we were not officially free for holiday.
Had one last forensic visit at Hospital Likas for the briefing of the One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC) department that morning. And after that only we were free to go!
And I've been accompanying Miss Firah to service her car at Kolombong that afternoon.
Self-Cam while waiting for the car to be service.

Whee~ Same pose but different position. ~.~

Two cup of coffee made by me. (3 in 1 ja pun ;p)

So long~ ;)

ps: I'm making a comeback after my old blog was deleted by the heartless hacker. WSB.. Do approve me ya.. :) and dear reader~ Do follow me back ya.. :)


  1. nice! what's not to love about bookshelf right ;)

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    You bought a very cheap stuffs. I am almost shocked when I saw the price you bought.It's really damn cheap

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