Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Am am am me~

I'm here again! but devoid from last week's negativity. Hee~
Its exam week and we just went through the vivas for the past few days. Theory exam is on coming friday!
We were scheduled to have it earlier, but due to some inevitable reason, it was extended to the end of the week. *sigh* So, while the others are cheering for the end of their papers, we were sitting around burying ourselves in the mountain high notes. *sigh again.

But! on the positive side, 3 more days till my next paper, so, I'm going to push the notes aside just for this evening. Hee~

So, Whats up with me these days?

Am going for an academic + leisure trip at Indonesia this Sunday. It'll be my first time going somewhere outside of Malaysia, and the feeling is indescribable. But I do sure that I'll be forced to come out of my comfort zone when I'm there. And hopefully everything will turn out fine and we'll have a good time. *excited*

Am in the Dean List! Yeay!.. Its my first time getting listed for it after 4 years enrollment in the school. So, my confidence boost up a little bit, but the uneasiness was still there. Cause the confidence was still not entirely there, and I still cant foresee my future being a good Dr. *Sigh again

Am anticipating more exciting things to happen in Gee's life. :)

Gee <3

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