Friday, 24 February 2012

I wish I am Nothing

I never wish for things to end this way.
Everything that I believe in came tumbling down.
I don't know what should I believe in anymore.

For once, I think I'm one of the least people that really digest your daily boasting.
I'm one of the least people that inspired by your story.
I even had the stupid thought to take that stupid specialty that you so very proud of.
You really arrogant! Stupid!

I regret the time and effort that I'd wasted doing you Qs. I regret that I spent time to do your stupid assignment. Stupid me for doing all that when stupid you were stupid enough to under appreciate me.

You and that stupid eye of yours. Same as all the other trolls, only look up at the chinese and top student, and despise all of this lowly student. Why dont you stop comparing and stomp on people's dream.

Today is the day when I break down. After so long. Today is the first time for this year that I broke down and wish that I'm different.

HUMILIATION was smack right through my face today. Humiliation. Humiliated like never before.

And I started to look back on my life.
Why do this kind of thing happen to me. If I'm going to be a Dr, I should be enjoying it right? I'll be doing it for my wholelife bah. But... Its the opposite. I'm not enjoying it. I cant see my future being it. I wish I'm sick and wont live long lagi, so that I wont have to go through all this.

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