Friday, 18 November 2016

Book reviews: Nightfall by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski

“Stop. This is not useful. Pull yourself together.”

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Imagine yourself living in a place for 14 years of days without nightfall, and as the sun began to set, you will have to pack and leave. 

Why do you need to pack? 

Why do you need to leave?

For people in Bliss, since their ancestors founds the island, they had been doing just that, and no one ever really questions the motive behind the traditions that had been practiced for years.

As the people awaits for the furrier boat to take them to Desert Island, the place where they will spent the next fourteen years of their life, they were handed letters from the Okrana, letters with instructions, as how to arrange the furniture in their home, what and where to hang on the wall, and how many plates needed to be set on the dining table. Marin and her twin brother, Kana had been preparing just for that, as the darkness slowly crept into town.

And the moment the furrier boats set sails in the island, they found out that a boy had been missing. He was a close friend of the twin, and the twins could be the only two that know where he was. And the two decided to embark on a quick quest to find him while the others waiting to board the ship. They found Line, the boy, of course, but they had taken a minute too late to the harbor, and they were left behind by their families and neighbors.

They discovered the secret about Bliss, and later, about Kana. They also found out the real reason why they needed to leave the place. During the fourteen years of ‘days’, humans inhabited the place, but as nightfall, the hibernating monsters began to wake and dominate the island. Since the start, they had set rules, displayed on the statues placed around town, but Marin, Kana and Line had broken them by failing to leave the place with the others.  They were hunted by the monsters, the rightful owners of the place, as they search for a way out from there.

“I regret many things. But there was no taking you back to this cave. They would have killed you.”

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