Sunday, 23 June 2013

Book review: It's not the end of the world by Judy Blume

"Divorce.. It's the end of the world." - Karen

Everything changed for Karen when her parents had a big fight and her father stayed out all night and the days after. Karen tried to make excuses for the reason why her father didn't come back home but to no avail, it ends with a divorce. 

Karen tried to fix the situation with the insight of her parents getting back together if they’re given the opportunity to spent time together again after the fight. She plan for a natural encounter for both parents but before she take action, her rebellious brother run away from home and her father did went back to their home to discuss about her brother disappearance. But, he didn't reconcile with his wife and their fight gotten more intense than before. That were the time that Karen realize that both of her parents had made the right choice of getting on their own way and there were no use of trying to fix the damage.

The story portrays the inner thought of the children (or teenage to be exact) in the process of understanding and adapting to the situation whereas their parents are going divorce. It let us see into the mind of the divorcee’s children. Hanna kept it as a secret from others as she thought that they may think of her differently if they know the truth, and she also has been having denial of her parent’s divorce and take measures to get them back together, but with Val’s help, she finally understood and slowly adapting to the situation. 

"Why did the man put Band-Aids in his refrigerator? Because it has cold cuts!" - Amy

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