Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Writing Circle by Corine Demas

I finally finished the book that I started last year. Lol.  It took me a year to finish one novel. ;p

The Writing Circle
Author: Corine Demas

The story is about a group of people that shares the same passion of writing and call their little union as the 'Leopardi circle'. 

And the plot revolves around each of its character, telling us how one life can be different from one to another and yet closely interconnected to each other

Nancy is a new addition to the group and is working on her first story based on the life of her father. She is engaged to the man he loves and is seen getting married to him at the end of the story. The story that she was working on was 'stolen' and manipulated by 'Gillian' (an old member of the circle), and after giving in to the unexpected aids of the other member, she regain her story back.

And there is Bernard and Virginia, who was married and divorced. They both re-married again and despite the fact that they are divorced, they still can sit side by side normally to discuss about their writing. The other 3 members of the circle are Gillian, Chris and Adam.

What I love about the book is that it opens the window to a writer's world. We see what they see and we get to feel what they feel. 

 But, overall, this book is not my favorite genre of a novel. And I found that most of the characters are divorcee. Huh, I dislike that fact, there is not much happiness in their world, or its just me who can't absorb it from the story. 

And even if it's just a fiction, the author made me feels as if there is no long lasting happiness in the world. The only part that make me excited in the story was when Gillian secretly publish a novel based on Nancy's precious manuscript. And only then did the whole circle, apart from the plagiarist works together to help Nancy.

Nevertheless, it was a good read! <3

Bookworm Gee.. Ciao! <3

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